Create Your Event Listing

Looking for event attendees? We know some people. Event Listings cost $300, and include placement in one of our weekday newsletters and on our Event Board.

Frequently asked questions

Will my event be in the Weekender or on Axios Charlotte's Instagram?

While we don’t guarantee any additional coverage, when you submit an event, it will automatically be considered for any applicable editorial coverage like our Weekender or Weekday Planner.

How far in advance should I submit an event?

Please allow 1-2 business days from time of submission to time of publication and newsletter promotion. You can submit events up to 60 days in advance.

Can I make edits to my Event Listing after I submit?

Yes. You can respond directly to the confirmation email or contact Andrew Weber ([email protected]) for any changes.

What images are best to use?

Graphics or images with text on them will not be accepted. All images will be cropped to fit our formatting so it’s best to submit images that are horizontal. Event logos should ideally be square and can be your company/organization logo or event-specific.

Can I get simple statistics on how my event performed?

Yes. Email Andrew Weber ([email protected]) for a simple report on how your event performed.

I have more questions. Who should I talk to?

You can reach out to Andrew Weber ([email protected]) with any questions about Job Listings.

Posting several events? Buy a featured event bundle.

Does Axios Charlotte offer discounts for multiple Event Listings?

Yes, you can buy an event bundle in which you post four events for the price of three (25% discount). Contact Andrew Weber ([email protected]) for more information.

Need custom solutions?

If you have over 20 events you'd like to post over the course of the year or other venue/event marketing needs, we can create custom solutions for you. Contact Lizzy Sirkin ([email protected]) for more information.

Looking for more exposure for your event?

Need to promote your event more than once?

You can purchase an additional newsletter promotion below for $200. Contact Andrew Weber ([email protected]) if you'd like to purchase even more newsletter promotions.

Hosting lots of events?

We offer a 25% discount when you purchase a "Bundle" of 4+ Event Listings. Contact Andrew Weber ([email protected]) for more information.

Organizing a big event that needs an equally big push?

If you're throwing a large event with a marketing budget of over $10,000, we offer custom solutions to make sure people know about it and take action. Contact Lizzy Sirkin ([email protected]) for more information.