Community Guidelines

Axios Charlotte community guidelines and comments policies

(Revised, October 2020)

What we’ll do: All of our content — social posts, newsletters, web stories — and conversations strive to be a reflection of the city, to put a mirror up to who we are and who we aspire to be. Sometimes that means showing the beauty; sometimes that means showing the trouble. At Agenda, we stick to our core values and mission:

  • We exist to make Charlotte a smarter, more connected city.
  • People who consume our programming should be able to make better decisions within the city.
  • Our audience has an advantage over non-readers.
  • We give our audience a sense of place and community. In today’s world, people are lonely, and we exist to connect them to where they live and the people who live there.

What’s on you, the audience: We want our platforms to be comfortable spaces for our users to gather, without fear of harassment. That doesn’t mean everyone will always agree. After all, we have more than 200,000 followers on Instagram; no way will everyone always see eye to eye. But it does mean that we ask you to respect each other.

Moderating: Agenda editors have the authority to moderate comments across our platforms. We welcome criticism and dialogue. But we expect the conversation to stay on topic and relevant to the story or post. A few things that will automatically be deleted:

  • Profanity and vulgarity
  • Abuse or personal attacks on the author, or another commenter
  • Bullying, including threats, repeated harassment, doxing, and posting rumors that are mean, hurtful, or embarrassing
  • Racist, sexist, or derogatory comments

What happens if a reader does post one of the above?

  • The comment is deleted on the first offense.
  • Repeat offenders and abusers get blocked.

Thank you: For being a part of the Axios Charlotte community. Our city is still growing and figuring out what it wants to be. In the same way, Axios Charlotte has been around since 2015, and has evolved multiple times in that short life span. We love this city because we are part of this city: ambitious and creative, admittedly imperfect but always improving. We look forward to growing with Charlotte, and with you.