New name. Same us.

Axios Charlotte, formerly Charlotte Agenda, is a modern local news organization that exists to make Charlotte smarter and better connected.

In 2015, our founding team seeded the company with $50,000. We felt like tomorrow’s media companies were being born, and we wanted to build the future without the baggage of maintaining legacy models. We got lucky. It worked.

In 2020, Axios acquired the Agenda, and we joined the national media company’s growing network of local news organizations, including publications in Minneapolis, Tampa, Des Moines and Denver.

Core Products

  • Daily newsletter (100k+ subscribers, 45%+ open rate) – Useful information delivered quickly, consistently and with voice. Sign up.
  • (650K UVs/mo, 1.7M pageviews/mo) – Guide-like resource for the city to make better decisions, fast. Including a job board and event board.
  • Instagram (270K followers) – Popular handle that serves as the new front page of the city. Follow.

Our Audience

Axios Charlotte serves busy young professionals looking to get informed and make local decisions, fast. These are the tastemakers of our city. 

  • Social: 85% of our audience is on Facebook, 85% is on Instagram, 44% is on Snapchat and 41% is on Twitter.
  • Professionals. 77% have a household income of over $75,000. And 25% have a household income of over $200,000.
  • Smart: 93%+ are college graduates and a shocking 32% have graduate degrees (doesn’t count those that are pursuing degrees).
  • Young: 65% of our audience is 18-44.
  • Explorers. 88% eat or drink out 4 or more times a month. And 46% eat or drink out 10 or more times a month.

Team directory

Katie Peralta Soloff, editor | Email
Laura Barrero, reporter | Email
Danielle Chemtob, investigative reporter | Email
Ashley Mahoney, reporter | Email
Symphony Webber, reporter/photographer | Email
Alexis Clinton, reporter | Email
Brianna Crane, associate editor of Axios Local guides | Email
Michael Graff, Southern bureau chief | Email
Emma Way, deputy managing editor of Axios Local | Email

Lizzy Sirkin, chief revenue officer | Email
Alivia McAtee, associate director of content strategy | Email
Andy Weber, senior associate of marketplace development | Email
Drew Ballesteros, senior associate of client success | Email

Don’t worry, Ted’s still here too:
Ted Williams, general manager of Axios Local | Email