Poll: Who has the best bagels in Charlotte? A look into Poppy’s Bagels in Cotswold

Poll: Who has the best bagels in Charlotte? A look into Poppy’s Bagels in Cotswold
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Ugh. I love both Owen’s Bagels & Deli and Poppy’s Bagels & More. Both are head and shoulders above other bagels places in Charlotte. For most bagel lovers, loyalty is going to come down to location – Owen’s is in the heart of South End and Poppy’s is in the heart of Cotswold.

If you’re forcing me to choose, I have to go with Poppy’s – crisp texture on the outside, chewy on the inside and perfect amount of salt flavor. It’s also a quick seven minute drive from my house.

But, enough about me. Who do you think has the best bagels in Charlotte?



I posted a photo of Poppy’s on our Agenda Instagram account and smart Charlotteans lit up the comment section…

  • @cheenagee: poppys 4 lyfe
  • @gavino1004: This former NYer and bagel snob votes Poppy’s. But I’m always on the search for new options! So, let’s hear em!
  • @ashpetrillo: This makes me drool 😛💦💦💦
  • @laurasammons: Poppy’s is the best!!
  • @julajoules: Yes and love Owen’s too!!
  • @lizbyrne: Yes, the absolute best in CLT!
  • @ferventfoodie: THE BEST
  • @elledigs: 100% no contest.
  • @erin_brighton: Yup! Chocolate chip cream cheese… 😍😍
  • @ivykitetheaussie: Yep! Go there every Sunday! Better than NYC bagels!
  • @jessamynamy: As a NY native I would absolutely say yes!
  • @eric.graziano: By far the best in Charlotte!
  • @cindiano: Owens Bagel and Deli is unbeatable!
  • @deboone: Breakfast plans, set. Although if we’re going Providence Rd, Manhattan Bagels is a chain but also off the chain.
  • @andy_thuan: I would have to disagree. Brooklyn Water Bagel in Ballantyne is really good and gives you a lot.
  • @teddyballgame11: Poppy’s doesn’t even compare to @owensbagel best bagel period
  • @mangopangoroo: …best in the world

Let’s talk about Poppy’s.

Fast Poppy’s facts:

  • Each day, they produce around 1,500 to 2,000 fresh bagels.
  • Most popular bagels are plain and everything.
  • Opened in 2010 and is a family owned business by Ronnie Ripper and his parents Leslie and Georgeana. Ronnie moved to Charlotte from New York (Long Island) and created the shop because he missed high quality bagels (like he had in New York).
  • Grandchildren call Leslie, “Poppy” – thus the name.
  • All Poppy’s bagels are made from scratch, boiled and baked.
  • Poppy’s also whips their own cream cheeses.
  • Current breakfast special (weekday only): Bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel with coffee for $5.49.
  • Agenda Pro Tip: I recommend going before 7:30am on the weekends to avoid the crowds. Cash register guy told me that “The line wraps around three times when we’re busy. Also, there are two churches nearby, so we get very busy after the services on Sunday.”

Tour Poppy’s Bagels & More:


poppy's bagels in cotswold

counter at poppy's bagels

cash register at poppy's bagels charlotte


poppy's cotswold bagels charlotte

poppy's bagels coffee charlotte

poppy's bagels patio cotswold charlotte

poppy's bagels everything bagel

poppys everything bagel charlotte

bacon egg and cheese at poppy's bagels

I also took a semi-creepy photo of the owner on his cell phone outside the store…

poppy's bagels owner charlotte

Some photos via Facebook.

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