Take a look inside WeWork’s two-floor co-working space under construction Uptown

Take a look inside WeWork’s two-floor co-working space under construction Uptown
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WeWork Stonewall Station will open its doors on the eighth and ninth floors of 615 South College Street on Aug. 1.

The 46,000-square-foot space isn’t quite finished yet, but it will soon be filled with common spaces, more than 200 offices, 21 conference rooms and 21 phone booths. The phone booths are essentially smaller conference rooms that include a couch, table and outlet where people can make calls.

The common space, pictured below, will double as an event space for members.

There will be cafe tables, booths, couches and stools, and a kitchen and pantry. To stay true to the modern workplace vibe, there will also be beer on tap.


WeWork Pricing:

  • Hotdesk: $250
  • Dedicated desk: $300
  • Private offices: Starts at $450.

Most offices are separated by glass walls, which give the feel of open space with the benefits of a private office.


The starting price for all-in costs at WeWork Stonewall Station. Prices vary slightly based on specific office location. They can also accommodate teams of 50+ 


8th floor at WeWork. I know these are hard to see, but you get the general layout. 


9th floor at WeWork.

Offices generally range in size, from one-person offices to 32-person spaces.

WeWork can also do custom setups for larger companies. Both floors have windows on all four sides, so companies or individuals can choose their favorite view of Charlotte.

The outdoor patio on the 9th floor has an incredible view of Uptown.

There will be tables and wifi for members.



Bonus: There’s a third-floor terrace that WeWork members will have access to. On the same floor there’s a fitness center equipped with locker rooms, showers and towels.

Parking isn’t included in a membership, but members can park on the street, take the light rail or walk.

WeWork will kick off their first “Free Beer Friday” event at Sycamore Brewing on Friday, June 23 at 4 p.m. They’ll pick up the tab on your first beer, first come first serve.

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