How to optimize your Rico’s Acai Bowl

How to optimize your Rico’s Acai Bowl
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Rico’s Acai took over your Instagram when it first opened in 2015.

Two years later they now have 4 locations, more menu items, and I’m still buying a bowl at least once a week. Help.

Rico's Acai Food Truck

But with the incredible fruit comes a hefty price tag. And if I’m going to be shelling out $10 for an acai bowl, I want it to be as loaded as possible.

Here’s how to optimize your Rico’s acai bowl.

One word: substitute. When I spoke with a Rico’s employee, this seemed to be key, especially since there’s no extra charge. For example, like the Butterbro Bowl? Sub out one of the butters for a fruit, like blueberries. Now you have two fruits and two butters. Everybody wins.

Butter Bro bowl Rico's Acai

Fan of the Rainbow Bowl, but slightly upset it doesn’t come with protein? Swap out one of the six fruits for almond or peanut butter.

I’ve found swapping out the raspberries gives me the most bang for my buck. The bowl only comes with three or four to begin with.

Not into the granola at the bottom of the bowl? Replace it with any other toppings that add up to $2.

You really have the chance to get creative here, because all of their toppings cost under $2, except the almond butter. If you’re not a big fan of kiwi and pineapple, sub them out for blackberries and extra raspberries.

Not sure anyone like this exists, but dislike both the granola and the acai? Or maybe you’re just a big fruit person. Order the ~fruit bowl~

Here’s the sitch: For just $5, get a bowl of all the fruits in that little green truck. Which is honestly cheap considering how much fresh fruit they have. If you decide you do want to add granola, it’s $2 extra.

This wasn’t on the menu at the Uptown location, but the employee assured me they make it.

The ultimate optimization? Get the Rainbow Bowl without granola and without 2 fruits.

You still get 3 fruits plus the banana, but now you can sub up to 3 or 4 other toppings. Options: pick fruits you want more of, add peanut butter and Nutella, or go crazy with chia seeds and coconut flakes. The total cost will be around $10.28.

As a college kid on a budget, I’m all about optimization. Brb, going to Rico’s.

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