I planned a scavenger hunt in Uptown Charlotte for 20 friends. Here are some tips for planning your own

I planned a scavenger hunt in Uptown Charlotte for 20 friends. Here are some tips for planning your own
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Planning a group scavenger hunt through the streets of Uptown is easier than you think.

Participants were split into two teams, each with a captain who would be in charge of communication. Teams were required to photograph at least half of their group at each location. Once the photo was sent to me, I texted their next clue.

[Note: The order here is not necessarily the order in which the hunt was executed. The teams were sent in different directions.]

Seven pro tips to help get your idea off the ground:

1. Have a solid starting point.

Ours was Rí Ra, where teams each received their first clue.

Clue 1: This performing arts spot is named after a medieval soldier of sorts. A shiny bird guards its door.

Answer: Knight Theater

2. Plan to walk and walk to plan.

Unless you know exactly how many paces apart Charlotte hot spots are, you have to do your own walk around uptown to determine how long it takes to get from Point A to Point B.

The last thing a group of forever-distracted millennials wants to do on a Friday evening is walk all over hell’s half acre.

3. Ask for selfies in return for clues.

Clue 2: Don’t expect to find any flora for sale at this Charlotte nightlife locale.

Answer: Dandelion Market

4. Make your locations diverse.

Clue 3: Are you ready to discover how “sciencey” you are? Do you get taller when you sleep?

Answer: Discovery Place

It’s a good idea to include places that remind people that uptown Charlotte isn’t all bars, clubs, and nightlife. We have some awesome hands-on learning experiences, too.

5. Consider your participants.

Clue 4: A woman of industry guards this spot. Sitting high above the ground, it will be devastating if she falls.

Location: The waterfall behind the statue of the Woman of Industry on one corner of Trade and Tryon.

This clue was particularly difficult for the people who don’t frequent Uptown. Also, be specific. I wanted a picture with the waterfall, but ended up getting two photos with the statue. Due to the confusing nature of the clue, I let it slide.

6. If you’re choosing to use clues as the road map for your hunt, try to make them distinctive enough that they can’t apply to multiple locations.

Clue 5: Hungry? Do you have a song in your heart? Then this is the place to be.

Answer: Aria

I had to inform both teams that this clue should not lead them to Howl at the Moon.

7. Choosing a finishing point where the group can reconvene for food and drinks is crucial.

Clue 6: Where it all began, this hangout holds the heart of an Irish man.

Location: Rí Ra’s Irish Pub

Sitting down for meal is plenty reward when you don’t have the budget for prizes. It didn’t hurt that I chose to end at our starting point, as well.

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