Here’s what it’s like to get a microcurrent facial

Here’s what it’s like to get a microcurrent facial
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I was a little intimidated walking into Toska European Spa.

It’s a gorgeous, airy, gleaming white spa and I was a tornado incarnate, sloppily dressed and dripping wet from a sudden downpour.

Renowned celebrity esthetician Toska Husted opened her first spa in Charleston in 2010 and, due to popular demand in Charlotte and her own love for the city, she opened her Dilworth location in 2016.

It’s the kind of place I imagine wealthy, well-known women float in and out on clouds and here I was trying to find an inconspicuous place to drop my soggy black umbrella.


Toska Husted

I’m here for “facial remodeling,” a treatment that’s less aggressive than it sounds but delivers well-hyped results some liken to those of Botox and facelifts.

It’s what’s known as a microcurrent facial, a process of applying a weak electrical charge to the face to stimulate and re-sculpt the muscles for a more lifted and toned appearance.

I guess electrical currents to the face may sound extreme, but the procedure itself is completely painless, far less invasive than injectables like Botox and filler and won’t leave you red and flaking like some of the more aggressive chemical peels out there.

It feels like a soft exfoliation with a low humming and slight vibration. The most notable effect is an unmistakable metallic taste in your mouth during treatment, a sensation I was assured was normal. “Kind of like licking a battery,” Toska explained.


The facial itself is next-level — relaxing, thorough and luxurious.

I felt so fresh, I didn’t put makeup back on for two days for fear of tarnishing my new expensive youthful glow.

Toska’s facials range from $150 to $495 and are all customizable. My microcurrent treatment, included in a complimentary Brightening and Lifting Bespoke facial would have been $295, more than I spend on skincare in a year.

That price point definitely makes a treatment like this more of a luxury than a routine for me, but Toska says I can also make a difference with a commitment to at-home care with quality products. She exclusively carries (and swears by) Biologique Recherche, a French skincare line.

Her #1 product recommendation is P50, a tingling liquid exfoliator which I was happy to see retails for a manageable $27 in its smallest size. Maybe that’s where I’ll start, but not until I soak up every drop of the free samples she already gave me.

Navigating this whole anti-aging world at 32 is a bit overwhelming, but Toska set me straight.

“There’s nothing anti about aging,” she said. “Aging is fine. The alternative is dying.”

Girl, TRUE. The trick, I suppose, is just doing it more gracefully than I entered the building. Baby steps.

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