Dot Dot Dot targets a June 1 open date. Peek in at what will be an intimate, upscale, screen-free space

Dot Dot Dot targets a June 1 open date. Peek in at what will be an intimate, upscale, screen-free space
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For the first time since its creation in 1955, the storage space under Park Road Shopping Center is finally being put to good use in the form of a speakeasy-like concept called Dot Dot Dot.

The bar, located in the Backlot and owned by Conrad Hunter, who’s partnered with Stefan Huebner of Heist fame, was aiming for a mid-May opening but is now eyeing the beginning of June thanks to contractor delays.

But that’s all to be expected, Hunter said. There’s always the need for breathing room when it comes to dates.

When it does open, it will be open Tuesday through Sunday from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. Look for its soon-to-come minimalistic metal sign that will take the form of its logo to mark its somewhat hidden entrance.


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Still, plumbing has been excavated, electrical work has begun and the gorgeous 30-foot-long marble bar has been installed.

Courtesy of Stefan Huebner

Guests will check in with a hostess after being granted access into the building and emerge into a dimly lit room with copper ceilings, leather booths, two-top tables and book-lined walls that will give the space the feeling that it’s been there for ages.


Entry hallway

Hunter and Huebner are striving to create a screen-free space that brings back to life the long lost art of true bar conversation.

The last screen guests will see is the iPad at the hostess stand, where they’ll be checked in. Phones are allowed, but they’re hoping the space will provide the type of environment where guests aren’t glued to them the way they are to them and television screens (which won’t be present at Dot Dot Dot) in other bars.

Expect rounded booths and bookshelves

They’re looking to create an atmosphere that feels old, but not antiquated – just classic and upscale. That means there’s a dress code (business casual) and a proper way to act in the form of 12 simple house rules.

“We want people to dress and act like they’re going to their grandmother’s for brunch,” Huebner said, and he expects that the décor will subtly enforce that.

Hunter would go on to add that it isn’t the type of place where people will go looking for a date. Instead, it’s the type of place that people will bring a date.

Cocktails will range from $10 to $15, with the sweet spot being $13, Huebner said.

They’ll offer 12 classic, “made the right way” cocktails that will transport guests back to the Prohibition era (think a Sidecar, Manhattan, Old Fashioned, etc.) along with 12 house cocktails anchored by whiskey, bourbon and gin. If that’s not enough, the back bar will be end-to-end spirits.

Food will hover in the upper teens, with items like Shrimp and Scallops Skewers ($18) and Lamb with Mint & Harissa ($18).

Cured ham, roasted tomato and burrata. Via Facebook

The full menu has gone live – see it here.

You’re going to want to get in here, which means you’re going to want to sign up for a membership.

Because they don’t expect to make as much money off of food as they do drinks, Hunter and Huebner are offering a $10 per year membership to the club.

It won’t be the type of membership you’d find at a place like Jeff’s Bucket Shop, where guests pay $1 and sign a piece of paper each time they visit. Instead, members will receive a card to present each time and will get an additional three guests in at the door.

Hunter says he’s already got close to 300 people signed up.

Until June, keep up with Dot Dot Dot on its website and Facebook.

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