After our Bieber meltdown, it’s time to ask the question — “Is Charlotte basic?”

After our Bieber meltdown, it’s time to ask the question — “Is Charlotte basic?”
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Sure, we’ve got the PGA Championship happening out at Quail Hollow Club, but the celeb the city can’t stop talking about is Justin Bieber. Charlotte loves some Biebs.

Maybe Deadspin was right. They roasted us in their annual Why Your Team Sucks column and it stung.

There’s a certain cruelty in the fact that Charlotte is both North Carolina’s largest city and also, by far, the boringest town in that state. Asheville is Austin with a more reasonable climate. Wilmington is gorgeous. The Research Triangle is a f***ing blast. Charlotte is a bank branch someone made into a whole city.”


So, is Charlotte basic?

Many Charlotteans yearn for our city to have more character. But let’s be honest, Charlotte is kinda basic. And that’s OK.

Our city is still in its awkward teenage years, adjusting to its braces and struggling to find its identity.

For example, we love $14 popsicles. So basic. But popsicle drinks are delicious.

We love the craft-beerification of everything. So basic. Event planner: “Hey, let’s do it at a brewery or add craft beer!” Committee: “Brilliant! Millenials!” But craft beer does make an event better.

We love the Panthers… when they’re winning. Basic. But it’s fun to get on a bandwagon.


We love the Hornets because they have an old-school name. Also basic. But we probably won’t start going to games until they’re winning and we can jump on that bandwagon.

We love small plates and craft cocktails. So basic. But let’s be honest, it allows you to try more menu items and the cocktails taste good.

We love the idea of startups but still stay in the comfort of our high-paid corporate jobs. You guessed it – that’s basic. But it’s nice to have a global impact and a job with amazing benefits.

city lights rooftop popsicle cocktail

So, yes. Charlotte is kinda basic.

When your friend from New York City asks you about Charlotte, you respond, “It’s really nice, clean and livable. The airport is fantastic. Everybody is polite. It’s a great place to raise a family.”

But the fact that Charlotte is basic, the fact that we lack identity as a city — this is exactly what makes Charlotte and exciting place to live.

Our city yearns for leaders. Artists. Entrepreneurs. Corporate leaders. Civic leaders. Political leaders. Transformation starts with transformational people. Many are emerging.

Eventually, our city will get out of the basic, awkward teenage years. But, until then, let’s all RELAX. Stop judging popsicle Instagrams and Bieber sighting freak outs.

Our greatest strength is, of course, our greatest weakness: Nothing here is decided.

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