I just fell in love with this grilled cheese

I just fell in love with this grilled cheese
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Inside Uptown’s 7th Street Public Market, you’ll find the adorable Orrman’s Cheese Shop serving up one of the top grilled cheeses in Charlotte.


Orrman’s offers six different grilled cheese options.


Order the “#1 Cheddar + Gouda” with pickles and mustard on sourdough ($6.50).


It’s not too big, not too small. I ordered a side salad (extra $1.5) because I’m healthy like that.

Pickle = great touch.


I’d estimate there are five pickles throughout the sandwich.

Hint of mustard with the cheddar and gouda = pure joy.


Cheeeeeeeese to the face.


Walking back to the Agenda office, I thought about the fact that I literally eat grilled cheeses and take selfies for a living. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

Good news for Orrman’s Cheese Shop lovers — they’re expanding into the space next door in order to make room for more cheese plates and the introduction of small plates.


New cheese plates will often be paired with sardines. It’s a European thing; get ready.


Orrman’s current sardine options. Sounds crazy, I like it. 

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