New app wants to help Charlotte moms find their ‘Tribes’

New app wants to help Charlotte moms find their ‘Tribes’
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Making connections among fellow moms can be hit or miss, seemingly dependent on stumbling into a kindred spirit at your kid’s school, playgroup or church.

A new app, Mom Tribe, that recently launched in Charlotte and Charleston, S.C., wants to change that by connecting more moms based on geography or interests.


For instance, the geo-based app can help you find moms in your neighborhood or add a “tribe” based on a particular interest, your workplace, school, sports team or parenting experience (i.e. moms of preemies or DIY lovers).


The concept was conceived by Jenny Grosso, who splits her time between Charlotte and Charleston. She’s created other apps before, but even though this idea was years in the making she hesitated because she’s not a mother herself. (Except to nine rescue dogs.)

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Her mom friends pushed her to make the concept a reality.

Grosso said her intention isn’t to replace the numerous Facebook groups that have sprung up that allow moms to buy and sell items and ask for advice. Instead, the app will let moms drill down deeper into forming relationships that can go offline if desired.

“This funnels it all into a one-stop shop. This is like Facebook groups on steroids,” she said, adding that unlike Facebook groups, the app doesn’t require special permission to join — though you do need to log in via a Facebook account. “Everyone is welcome.”

The app has a simple and intuitive interface, and the concept certainly has merit. The big test will be if Mom Tribe can get the critical mass of users that is needed for the app to be useful.

The popular Mom’s in Charge Facebook group faced significant resistance when it moved to a general website and shut down its Facebook selling mechanisms.

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Grosso said she’s still tweaking the concept and has been spreading the word through grassroots marketing and Facebook Live for now.

“It’s a way to connect and make those lasting friendships and build those strong tribes,” she said.

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