I went to a CorePower Yoga class and here’s what you can expect

I went to a CorePower Yoga and here’s what you can expect
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Presented in partnership with CorePower Yoga

This week, CorePower Yoga officially became part of the Charlotte yoga scene. I went to their grand opening on Monday night and I think I’m now a CorePower convert.

I had actually heard of CorePower Yoga before they came to Charlotte. A couple of my friends who live in other cities go regularly and rave about it, which made me super pumped to try it.


Whether you’re a hardcore yogi or just starting out, I would highly recommend going to a class. You can even try it out for a whole week free, so what do you really have to lose here?

Here’s what you can expect from a CorePower Yoga class:

There’s something for all fitness levels.

CorePower Yoga offers a bunch of different types of yoga classes and there’s something for everyone. The one I attended was their signature 60-minute C2 class. The C2 is a step up from a new-to-yoga class.

Here are all the classes currently offered at their new location:

C1 (CorePower Yoga 1)
This class is unheated and ideal for those new to yoga. You’ll explore the fundamental principles of Vinyasa yoga.

C2 (CorePower Yoga 2)
This class is taught at 95-98 degrees and is CorePower’s signature class. They say a little yoga experience is a plus for this class.

Yoga Sculpt
This class combines the C2 yoga class with free weights. Perfect for toning. It’s taught at 92-98 degrees and yoga experience is a plus.

Hot Power Fusion
With the temp set to  100-103 degrees, this class is toasty. New yogis can try it, and it’s set to upbeat, motivating music.

Click here for more info on specific classes and class schedules.

You are going to sweat.

I’ve been to some yoga classes where I’ve barely dropped a bead of sweat. That was NOT the case at CorePower Yoga. It’s a legit workout.

Each class is taught at a different temperature so check beforehand to see just how hot it’s going to be. The C2 class is taught around 95-98 degrees. Don’t forget a towel and water bottle. (But if you do forget, don’t worry. You can rent towels and buy bottles of water at the studio)

The instructors are cool and supportive.

Catrina Reeder, the studio manager, was our instructor for the C2 class and she killed it. She was positive, fun and brought a ton of energy into the room. She was also helpful and recommended different modifications to make the positions easier or more challenging.

I had the chance to meet a few other CorePower Yoga Charlotte instructors and they were all awesome. You can tell they are all passionate about yoga and, tbh, they all seem like they would be cool to get a glass of wine with.

The facilities are insanely nice.

I’ve been to a few yoga studios and CorePower Yoga blew me away. The studio itself I would say is pretty standard but the locker room is straight up SPA LEVEL.

I mean, look at it. It’s beautiful.

You can rent or even buy gear at the studio.

Don’t have your own mat? Forgot a towel? You can rent both for a small fee at the studio. If you’ve decided you want to invest in some yoga gear, they also sell mats, clothes and other yoga accessories in their retail area. I invested in a Lululemon yoga mat (which they sell in the studio) about a year ago and I’m still obsessed.

CorePower is a community.

The biggest thing I noticed from taking a CorePower Yoga class is that it’s not just about exercise, it’s about connection and community. The whole time I felt like I was surrounded by people who truly love the practice of yoga and that’s a pretty beautiful thing.

Want to try out CorePower Yoga yourself? You can try it for a whole week completely free.

If you decide it’s the yoga home for you, you can even get a discounted membership. #YAS

(This content was co-created with CorePower Yoga.)


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