Mailbag: Top 35 feedback letters on new houses, $267 dinners, doggy daycares, doughnuts and more

Mailbag: Top 35 feedback letters on new houses, $267 dinners, doggy daycares, doughnuts and more
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag, items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback, this is not close to everything (it’s about 4%), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: 5 most highly anticipated bars opening in the next 6 months

“Listen to Regina George. LoSo. Not going to happen ;)” – N



In response to: I got styled in 5 spring outfits that took me way outside my all-jeans comfort zone

“LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Poole Shop story featuring the CA resident Super Model!” – A

Ted: I think you meant the Tabor story – Trading in my 8th grade golf look for legit menswear at Tabor. 5 styles from $130.

In response to: Charlotte’s newest affordable housing projects are gorgeous

“This is flat out insane. I fully believe in and stand behind the need for affordable housing that is safe and well constructed. But ‘affordable’ in this sense means ‘subsidized’ and that means someone else (taxpayers) are helping foot the bill for your apartment. I make too much money to live in one of these but not enough money to be able to live in something similar. I’m paying for other people to live in apartments nicer than one I could afford on my own. This isn’t something for Charlotte to be proud of, brag about, or show off. And it isn’t me being a jerk either.” – P

“Too often the term ‘affordable housing’ comes with a stigma attached to it, which may be due, in part, to its history. Today, affordable housing is well constructed and being placed in prime locations throughout Charlotte. The Cherry neighborhood which is blocks from the Metropolitan (Trader Joes), the greenway, the Elizabeth Neighborhood and steps from Myers Park, currently has 111 affordable housing units under construction and will be available for rent in 2017 and 2018. Horizon Development Properties is building 81 units and Laurel Street Residential is building 30 units in the Cherry Neighborhood. Affordable housing cuts across all racial and ethnic boundaries. It’s available to all individuals who qualify and should be embraced by all neighborhoods in Charlotte. Individuals who are looking for more affordable rent in prime locations within Charlotte should keep these and other developments on their radar.” – L

In response to: Will the state kill Matthews’ downtown with a “superstreet”?

“Let me save you tens of millions of dollars and tell you what to do… on the north and south ends of downtown Matthews build a connector from John St over to Charles St. and divert the north bound traffic to Charles. Make both streets one way… John south and Charles north. And voila, your traffic problem is solved.” – R

In response to: 15 restaurants to try in west Charlotte 

“There are two I can recommend: Beauregard’s on Freedom Drive (great wings) and Po Boys on Freedom Drive (gotta try the oyster poboy sandwich). They’re next to each other so it’s easy!” – J

“Savor Café and Catering did not make this list, and it is one of the best restaurants in any part of Charlotte. Walk in there on lunch one of these days and you will see that I am not the only person that feels this way. Should be known for their desserts and specialty cocktails, but the salmon is the best I have had around. Can’t go wrong with the meatloaf or a burger either. You’ll thank me…I promise.” – S

In response to: 13 places you can buy a newly built house inside the city limits for less than $250,000

“Houses with the garage in the front are the WORST! So ugly, why can’t they just put the garage door on the side of the house and increase the curb appeal some? Let’s start a petition or something.” – M

“My wife and I are casually looking for a new house and have seen a couple of these areas. None of them are exactly war zones but the schools in several are the big compromise you’ll make (if you have kids of course).” – W

“The 250k price they speak of will quickly turn into 275-285 when you start making it what you want in new construction.” – J

In response to: How to make the perfect order and spend less than $267 on a date at McNinch House

“How to spend less than $267 on dinner? Are you on the crack rock? I’m not a millennial, but I work with many of them and they are knocking themselves out trying to make a living in an impossible job market while shouldering heavy student debt. For the few that jump right into six figure bank jobs and have poor financial planning skills, perhaps this article makes sense but even as a person in my late 30’s with a comfortable income, even I find a $250+ dinner absurd.” – H

“Wow Ted, you’re getting somewhere. An actual restaurant review of an actual restaurant. Impressive. Now, how about adding some more content….what did your wife eat? What did this wine guy say? Was he actually a sommelier or was he the guy who poured your wife’s wine and dumped olive juice into your vodka on the rocks? Better than eating chicken fingers but you can still use some help.” – N

In response to: 10 of the worst ways Charlotte is an actual big city

“Your list is proof that Charlotte is not a Big City. If these 10 items compile the most relevant indicators of whether a city is Big or not, then you have actually answered the question. No. Charlotte is an Atlanta ‘want to be’ and always will be as long as the clowns in Meyers Park are pulling the strings. Try exploring outside North Carolina once in a while and you will see precisely how small Charlotte is including the politics and people.” – T

“I hope CA is self aware enough to know that’s why you have been referred to as ‘Charlotte Buzzfeed’. I have a theory that all these click-bait garbage articles are solely for the profit of advertising. If I’m correct, and I think we all know that I am. Just stop. The reality is that once people remove your terrible, biased, uninformed, AMAZING opinions from new restaurants and bar openings, events, etc. It is somewhat useful.” – P

“Thanks for including mentions of how rampant inequality and crime are becoming part of our ‘city landscape’ while the majority of (upper-middle-class) Charlotteans live in blissful ignorance.” – H

In response to: 10 must-try Charlotte cocktails

“Legend of the Fall at Dogwood” – R

“Why would you send the person who has stated in several articles that she doesn’t like to drink to find the best drinks?! Also, how is there nothing from the Punch Room on this list. I would have a lot more respect for the Agenda if the writers actually wrote about things they’re qualified to discuss.” – J

“The Cellar at Duckworth’s should’ve been in this list. Best in town.” – C

In response to: Cash Confessional: A week of spending in Charlotte on a $100,000 salary and $68,000 worth of extra income

“Retiring at 35? And then what? Traveling? Running away to the circus? Back to the military? We need to know! Asking for a friend….” – Y

In response to: Confessions of Charlotte’s doggy daycare workers

“Interesting, I use to help with after school care and I see many parallels… especially the part about having favorites.” – B

“Oh wow! This is spot on! And why I’m glad I just work up front.” – J

“My first thought about the owners who are inconsiderate or bossy etc… Imagine when/if they have human children.” – P

In response to: Enormous building next to Mac’s becoming a taco restaurant. In the back will likely be a barbershop and speakeasy

“I love mexican food, but like chinese places, there are so, SOOOO many of them everywhere. It would be nice to see a different kinds of ethnic restaurants pop up instead of the same tired choices.” – G

In response to: We blind taste tested 12 doughnuts from 6 shops to find the very best in greater Charlotte

“Okay but Duck Donuts have to be eaten IMMEDIATELY, hot and fresh. I call shenanigans.” – J

“They need to add RISE Biscuits Donuts into this test.” – R

“Duck’s and Mom’s are totally two different doughnut types with different characteristics and vary greatly in price.” – R

“Stop including Ted in these, no one cares about his opinion!” – A

“Need to add RISE Biscuits Donuts into this test.” – R

In response to: Here’s what rent will run you at 5 of Plaza Midwood’s nicest apartments – and what you’ll get for your money

“Forgot to include the sound of the train, and being stuck on the road because of the train as amenities.” – N

“Outrageous! What are middle income families not ready to buy supposed to do? As a renter this just pisses me off royally! Our lease is up in August and I am scared!” – M

In response to: What the hell is LuLaRoe and how do you buy it?

“They look tacky and awful. I don’t understand those long sleeveless cardigan things and the prints are terrible. Everything is so shapeless and unflattering. I. Don’t. Get. It.” – R

“I bought a pair leggings only because it was close enough to Panthers blue to wear with my Panthers gear. True the material was soft but the material was on the thin side. I would not feel comfortable wearing them outside the house unless my top covered my boom boom.” – M

“My god. You are now pimping MLM companies as your lead story?! Even half suggesting this garbage is a viable business concept to your readers is just a god awful betrayal of trust. MLMs are scams FULL STOP. Watch this video.” – A

In response to: An independent platform for Charlotte mayor

“I thought you said it was an independent platform? The only thing I took away from that is that if you were mayor you wanted to GIVE money to whomever you deem poor.” – P

“Just want to thank you for your heart for minorities and recognizing the need for the cities support. Please run for mayor you would be great. You definitely have great ideas.” – D

In response to: Downtown Matthews is becoming a destination

“There is so much going on, so many great things to do, and it is a seriously overlooked suburb of Charlotte. As a 20-something living in downtown Matthews, I get a lot of ‘oh…really..?’ when I tell my hip co-workers where I live, but then I tell them my rent and it turns into more of a'”oh, really!?’.” – T

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