I discovered tacos, rum, antiques and a tiny brewery while spending a Saturday in Belmont’s River District (25 minutes from Uptown)

I discovered tacos, rum, antiques and a tiny brewery while spending a Saturday in Belmont’s River District (25 minutes from Uptown)
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Obviously, you’ve heard about Belmont. Who hasn’t heard about Belmont? Belmont is the best!

But did you know there’s a lesser known (and therefore cooler) area of Belmont?

Are you ready to venture beyond Main Street? (If you haven’t already ventured onto Main Street, I suggest you get on that.)

Well, let me introduce you to the Belmont’s River District, which is filled with food, booze and lovely river views.

York Chester Brewing Company



York Chester Brewing Company is a tiny brewery. Like really, really tiny. Picture a tiny brewery. Now cut that tiny brewery in half. Welcome to York Chester Brewing!

The beer is delicious and purist. The feel is… industrial? (As in: Am I in the right place? What is going on here? Oh look! A train!) The staff is super friendly.

Alternative Beverage



Speaking of beer, Belmont’s River District will help you make your own!

My husband brews beer, and Alternative Beverage is his paradise.

There are other locations, including one in Charlotte, but Belmont’s River District has the superstore. That’s right – I said superstore. It has everything you need to start your own beer-brewing hobby and a staff that can help you get started (or help you take it to the next level).

Muddy River Distillery


You’ve already heard about Muddy River Distillery.

They make rum and have tours most Saturdays.

They’re kind of a big deal. You should probably go check them out. And you can check out the pretty Catawba River right across the street too.

Peace-N-Hominy Q Shack



I’m just going to put Peace-N-Hominy in all my lists for everything because I like it.

It has barbecue and tacos and bottled craft beer. It has a patio where my toddler can cause mayhem. Its food is scrumdiddlyumptious.

This one time, my toddler threw a giant tantrum there, and a staff member came up and told me it was no big deal and that the restaurant loved having kids, and it made me feel less terrible about everything in my entire life. All of it. My whole life. Less terrible.

Catawba River Antique Mall

catawba river antique mall


Do you like wandering through giant warehouses full of decades-old stuff other people used to own? Me too!

Catawba River Antique Mall is filled with everything you could want (including all the things that other people are confused about you wanting) – art, records, furniture, jewelry,  glassware featuring old-school Disney characters, you name it. Are you looking to buy creepy old dolls or the technicolor pyrex mixing bowl of your dreams? Then make a date with Catawba River Antique Mall!

Kevin Loftin Riverfront Park



My kid and I have been to a lot of parks, and this park is the best park out of all the parks we have parked. Why? Well, the river doesn’t hurt.

Who likes throwing sticks, rocks and leaves into the river for hours on end? My son.

Who likes playgrounds? All children everywhere.

And this playground is really beautiful and made from mostly natural materials (so it has more of a driftwood vibe rather than a very bright plastic vibe).

People without children would probably also like this park. I mean, sunsets over rivers are kind of universally beloved.

White’s Restaurant



White’s Restaurant is old-school. They are cash only. Their clients are all regulars (except for you).

Their food is exactly what you want it to be (if you want it to be classic Southern diner food, which I 100 percent do). Do you like grits? Do you like charm? How about reasonably priced breakfast sandwiches? Then, White’s Restaurant is for you!

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