10 of the worst ways Charlotte is an actual big city

10 of the worst ways Charlotte is an actual big city
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I can never decide if Charlotte is a big small town or a small big city.

I always see people I know when I’m out at 7th Street Public Market, and it doesn’t feel weird when I wave hi to people when walking down the street.

But there are plenty of signs that Charlotte is firmly in big city status — in all the worst ways.

(1) Cocktail prices

When did a $14 cocktail become normal?


The Stubborn Mule

(2) Traffic

It now takes 20 minutes to get anywhere in Charlotte, no matter how close.


Photo via UNCC.edu

(3) Rent and home prices

We’ve got saltwater pools and dog spas – but even the tiniest apartments seem to be $1,200 a month.

(4) Rampant inequality

Eastover next to Grier Heights just isn’t right.

eastover home 13


(5) Sprawl

Does everyone need multiple Harris Teeter-anchored shopping centers within a few miles of their house?

(6) Segmentation

We’ve been lucky to avoid the balkanization of a city like Atlanta, but Charlotte’s big enough to where people hold much more allegiance to their particular area of town than the city as a whole.


(7) Expensive lunches

I dream of a sandwich, chips and a drink for $7, but for some reason, I’m always paying $12 for lunch.

(8) Anonymity

We’re big enough where not everyone knows their neighbors. It’s easy to live on the margins without a meaningful connection. Or anyone to hold us accountable.

via Facebook

(9) Crime

67 homicides last year, but most of the city doesn’t seem to understand.

(10) You can’t see the stars

I tried to show my son the Big Dipper the other day. All I could see was the glare of streetlights. I miss the stars.

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