Work life of Dave Collier, CEO of Ink Floyd

Work life of Dave Collier, CEO of Ink Floyd
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This is part of an ongoing series titled How I Work, a look into how Charlotte gets things done at work.

Dave Collier is cooler than all of us. I guarantee it. He drives around town in this Ink Floyd-branded tank of a Toyota that has what I (without any car knowledge whatsoever) can only assume is an elevated exhaust pipe just in case he needs to drive it into an underwater battle. When he’s not in that, he’s on his motorcycle. When he’s not on that, Instagram says he’s probably skiing. When he’s not doing any of those things, one can assume he’s at work.

Dave is the founder and CEO of Ink Floyd, a full-service screen printing company creating killer branded gear for companies large and small. Dave and his team have created countless pieces for me over the years, and any time someone says they need anything with a logo on it I send them straight to Ink Floyd simply because I think they’re the best in town. Quality product + talented team + hilarity = winner. These days you can get any online print giant to mass produce some crap for your business, but at Ink Floyd you’re getting an experience and a true partnership and taste of community and some damn cool products to boot. It’s a real art. As much as Ink Floyd exists to enhance and promote your brand, they’ve built a solid one themselves. Here’s a look at how the man behind the brand navigates his day to day…

Office location: 1101 E. 36th St. 28205 (NoDa)

Let’s slay this Monday. #tshirts #printlife #inkfloyd #charlottenc A photo posted by lnk Floyd, Inc. (@inkfloyd) on


CEO and Janitor at Ink Floyd


Via car, about 20 minutes

If u get stuck tomorrow just holla. #4wd #snOMG #snowpocalypse #inkfloyd #vehiclewraps #carvinyl

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Samsung Galaxy 5, Android OS with a photo of my son Ethan (7.5 years old).





Giant Mac desktop 27″ screen with maxed out RAM.

Gadgets you can’t live without:

Phone, Instagram, motorcycle.

Do you listen to music while you work? Type/source:

Yes and sometimes movies, both usually via YouTube

What software are you a power user of?

Instagram and the entire Adobe Suite

What’s your favorite spot for a business lunch? Your order?

Probably Cabo Fish Taco. The BBQ Mahi tacos.

Mmmm….fish tacos. Lunchtime. #cabofishtaco #noda #inkfloyd #truckerhats

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Social media habits:

Instagram daily and adding Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare and Twitter. Getting better about native Tweets.

To-do list manager:

Analog mostly, pen to paper and Google Calendar

What everyday thing are you really good at?

Fostering good teamwork and keeping the ink flowing. Trying to exceed expectations and creating epic customer experience.

Best time-saving shortcut or Charlotte life hack:

Google Maps even if I know where I’m going. Waze is good too for real-time traffic updates. 

Sleep routine:

Usually down by 9:30 pm and up by 7:00 am.

Where do you go around Charlotte to get away from the office?

Revolution golf course or anywhere on my motorcycle.

@seedless_dex is already partying in the #inkfloyd #drivingrange. #tgif #GolfSlayer #urbangolf #tigerweeds A photo posted by lnk Floyd, Inc. (@inkfloyd) on

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

I rarely eat breakfast but I will eat what’s left of Ethan’s oatmeal or waffles. Breakfast is usually about 3 cups of coffee. 

What’s the last book you read and why?

Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott because it cuts right to the heart of the issue and advises on how to speak honestly yet diplomatically in any given situation.

Can’t pass up a chance for a selfie with #funkygeezer. #onlyinnoda

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If you weren’t doing your current job, what would you be doing?

I would probably be working at some start-up in tech or creative…as long as it was fun, challenging and/or innovative.

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