New to Twitter? 22 accounts to follow in Charlotte to help get you up to speed

New to Twitter? 22 accounts to follow in Charlotte to help get you up to speed
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Although a foundation built on dead simple 140-character snippets of text might sound straight forward enough, Twitter can feel like a black hole for new users, especially when it comes to figuring out who to follow.

I look at Twitter as more of a news ticker than a social platform so I like to focus on quality accounts that provide useful information rather than on the number of “friends” I can rack up. To me, a large follower list just generates a bunch of noise that’s impossible to keep up with, but keeping your list tight can make Twitter a valuable source of information and entertainment.

Here are a few accounts to follow to stay up to speed on all things Charlotte.


@wxbrad – Nobody obsesses over the weather more than WCNC Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich. Follow him for forecasts, storm warnings and extreme weather nerdiness. His Snow Meter scale ranges from “Social Media Talk” at 0 to “Buy Bread & Milk” at 4 and all the way up to “Buy a Shovel” at 10.


Traffic & Travel

@CLT_trafficguy – Bob Brandon provides traffic updates for local radio and television stations and regularly tweets out helpful information about wrecks, construction and other headaches to avoid on your commute.

@catsridetransit – Get updates on construction, route detours, schedule changes and delayed service.

@CLTairport – You don’t realize you need the airport’s tweets until you really need the airport’s tweets. They share information about parking lot capacity, flight delays, traffic near the airport, terminal construction and other things that might impact your travel. Recently, they tweeted super necessary information about which bathrooms were usable during a water outage.


@cbjspanberg – Erik Spanberg is a senior staff writer covering business for Charlotte Business Journal. Ted is his biggest fan.

@katieperalta – Peralta is on the business beat at The Observer and is always up to speed on what’s opening (or closing) where.

@ESPortillo – Ely Portillo covers development news for The Observer with a close eye on major construction projects and real estate development. If there’s a crane up somewhere, he’s probably on it — the story, not the crane.

@maureenoboyle – O’Boyle anchors WBTV at 5, 6 and 7pm and tweets out the station’s coverage all day.


@bowtiepolitics – Dr. Michael Bitzer, a professor of politics at Catawba College, helps put local, state and national politics in perspective with context and commentary. He is a particularly helpful follow on election nights. Yes, he wears a bowtie.


@CLTgov – The voice of the city mostly retweets relevant information from other entities but also shares official community messages and alerts.

@CMPD – Keep up with traffic alerts, missing persons reports, officer-involved breaking news and more.


@panthers – Team news, behind-the-scenes access and some of the funniest sports snark on the social web.

@josephperson – Joe Person is the Panthers beat writer for The Observer

@charlottevibe – Chris Jenkins is a sports radio reporter and photographer who shares photos and commentary from Hornets and Panthers games as well as general Charlotte lifestyle and entertainment coverage.

@hornets – Follow along for live game highlights, behind-the-scenes interviews and more.

@bringbackthebuzz – The Kent brothers tweet obsessively about all things Charlotte Hornets year round, including live commentary during games. They are so emotionally invested in the team that I worry about their physical health when we’re not winning.


@theodenjanes – Janes is an entertainment editor and pop culture columnist at The Obsever. He covers local interest stories but also gets to interview (or at least review) a lot of the big name performers stopping through Charlotte on tour.

@celebsinCLT – This is as close as Charlotte gets to the paparazzi.

Local names on the national stage

@jjones9 – Former Panthers beat writer Jonathan Jones is at Sports Illustrated now.

@dianneG – Dianne Gallagher, a former NBC Charlotte anchor, is now at CNN and is an excellent resource for breaking national news.

@inthebleachers – Michael Felder produces video for Bleacher Report, lives in Charlotte and is straight hilarious on Twitter.

@baileysblast – Charity Bailey was a digital journalist at Charlotte’s WJZY before moving on to a hosting role at Right This Minute, a syndicated viral video show.

Team Agenda

@andrew_dunn – Andrew Dunn, our editor in chief, tweets a mix of important breaking news and extremely nerdy play-by-plays of his life.

@katie_levans – That’s me, Katie Levans Loveluck. Timeline is directionless. A mess. NSFW.

@ted_williams – Ted’s timeline is 99.6% retweets of Agenda content.

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