15 Charlotte workout enthusiasts you should be following on Instagram

15 Charlotte workout enthusiasts you should be following on Instagram
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If your “New Year, New Me”  motivation is running out, find it again on these gurus’ feeds (bonus – most are personal trainers).


Who: Asheton Brown, an athlete, model and coach
Followers: 18,500+

Note to self and humans: you are a badass. You are worth it. Never freaking give up. Get out of your head and keep moving forward. ⚡⚡⚡

A photo posted by asheton brown (@smasheton) on


Apparently my feet do touch the ground.

A photo posted by asheton brown (@smasheton) on

@claryhilliardgray and @lizhilliardhsm

Who: Clary Hilliard Gray and Liz Hilliard, co-owners and co-founders of HSM Core
Followers: 5,000+ combined

Planking with my #littlestHSMer!

A photo posted by Clary Hilliard Gray (@claryhilliardgray) on


Who: Preston Lewis, personal trainer
Followers: 2,200+


Who: Emily Breeze Ross Watson, two time Crossfit Games Athlete and half of the force behind STAX Bootcamp
Followers: 43,200+

Never hold back ⚡️Step up and be the BOSS of your own body!

A photo posted by Emily Breeze Ross Watson (@emilybreeze) on

no better time than right NOW- join me tonight for the biggest, baddest, and best Bootcamp!! 6:30pm at @staxcharlotte !!

A photo posted by Emily Breeze Ross Watson (@emilybreeze) on


Who: Lauren McAbee, yoga and holistic lifestyle expert
Followers: 7,630+

My only option in life is to keep getting stronger. #myheadisastepstool

A photo posted by Lauren McAbee (@essential_thrive) on


Who: Chrys, personal trainer
Followers: 8,760+

Jumping over obstacles like … #workyourwindow #previewthevictory #elevation #clt #motivation #happysunday

A photo posted by GET FIT WITH CHRYS (@getfitwithchrys) on


Who: Sarah Pay, a trainer at Carolina Sweat
Followers: 2,200+


Who: Jen Decurtins, a personal trainer, yoga teacher and author
Followers: 12,200+

We are flipping our planks around with a reverse half plank for day 17 of the #ultimateplankchallege. This is such an amazing plank variation because it stretches the front side body while also providing a mega challenge for the entire core. Your challenge is 3-5 sets of 15-20 second holds. Rest as needed between sets. Fingertips should face the heels (don’t mind my right wrist turning out, it’s been bothering me lately). Lift your hips, squeeze your glutes and let your head fall back a bit. Knees should stack over ankles and shoulders over wrists. Did you know that your core consists of not only your abs but also your low back, glutes, hip flexors and more? You can find this and 100 other plank variations in my book, Ultimate Plank Fitness. It’s available on @amazon. I’m wearing @trackandfieldclt! Don’t forget to tag them and @premierprotein. Much thanks to our sponsors! #instachallenge #corestrength #reverseplank #coreworkout #getstrong #dowork #bodyweightexercises #ultimateplankfitness

A photo posted by Jen Peanut Butter Runner (@jen_pbrunner) on


Who: Laura Little, NBA Dancer for the Charlotte Hornets Honeybees
Followers: 10,700+

Hoping for another win as we take on the Nets tonight at the Hive! 🐝 #buzzcity

A photo posted by lauralittle7 (@lauralittle7) on

Working off all of those holiday goodies with a @catapultfit workout! #honeybeesholidaychallenge #teambusyBEEingfit

A photo posted by lauralittle7 (@lauralittle7) on

When in doubt, just tilt it out. #finals #honeybeesholidaychallenge @catapultfit

A video posted by lauralittle7 (@lauralittle7) on


Who: Quinn Reynolds, Owner of Arrichion Yoga, runner and all around fitness enthusiast
Followers: 4,700+

Idk how my friends talk me into this shit. 13.1 miles on a trail. #arrichionstrong #arrichion @whitewatercenter

A photo posted by Quinn Reynolds (@arrichion_girl) on


Who: Cherie Fields, Studio Manager at Orangetheory Fitness and NQ NPC Figure Athlete
Followers: 1,800+


Who: Dominic Davila, USMC combat wounded veteran and CrossFit L1 trainer
Followers: 4,800+


Who: Sandy Sklar, personal trainer
Followers: 1,000+


Who: Tara Kimbell, personal trainer
Followers: 3,700+

“Hold on tight, life is about to get real!”

A photo posted by ТRAIN•with•TARA (@tara_kimbell) on


Who: Alessandra James, Charlotte Ballet dancer
Followers: 2,200+

⭐️✨💕 #momballerina #parentingonpoint 😂 📸: @sarahayess

A photo posted by Alessandra (@burritojames) on

Feature photo via Facebook

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