Development forced me to relocate my business from South End – but I’m okay with it

Development forced me to relocate my business from South End – but I’m okay with it
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My current CrossFit South End location is being sold and I’ve been forced to find a new home for my fitness business.

As a small business owner in South End since 2010, I admire the early settlers who took a risk on a borough that was considered “the wrong side of town.” It’s hard to witness the displacement of local businesses such as Common Market, Black Sheep and Phat Burrito.

There’s no doubt that South End has become a more dense and transit-oriented neighborhood.

I do not view these changes as hostile or damaging to the South End brand. I see these changes as typical for any growing neighborhood. Our beloved neighborhood is no exception.


The writing on the wall has been there for years. Rents and tax are going up, thousands are moving in and land is being sold. As a business owner – my fixed costs are increasing, parking is decreasing and competition in our specific markets is becoming more dense.

I’m also granted a huge influx of customers and awareness to the brand of South End.

Sure, these rapid changes bring business challenges, but I embrace them with positive vibes.


Inside CrossFit South End

Every business owner is completely in control of their own destiny. That’s the bare minimum to being in business – the ability to successfully navigate your market as it evolves.

And, let’s be honest – everyone loves a comeback.

Common Market found a new location to lease in South End and will bigger and better than before.

Black Sheep relocated to Plaza Midwood and found an amazing new home in a vibrant community, filling a void in the sneaker and skateboard apparel market.

Phat Burrito bowed out with respect. The owner has committed the past 19 years to making the best burritos in South End and he’s earned the right to hang up his apron if he chooses.

And we at CrossFit SouthEnd purchased an old warehouse in LoSo and are creating a unique fitness facility while maintaining the curb appeal and industrial nature of the neighborhood.

My neighborhood of South End hasn’t lost its soul. We are simply evolving, as all great neighborhoods do.

Who knows, maybe a young 20-year-old will get his crack at entrepreneurship and lease a retail spot in one of these new developments and play a pivotal role in South End’s next generation.

One thing is for certain.And I promise this won’t change – the fact that everything always changes.

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