Mailbag: Top 20 feedback letters on Instagram dogs, apartments, weddings, snow and more

Mailbag: Top 20 feedback letters on Instagram dogs, apartments, weddings, snow and more
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag, items readers submit via email or our feedback form (not social media, everybody already sees that). We get a ton of feedback — this is not close to everything (it’s about 5%), but it’s a good sample.

In response to the Agenda Weekender:

“My husband and I are 27 years old, no kids, and we went to the monster truck jam and had a friggin blast! Thanks for the tip Agenda!” – D


In response to: David Furman placing bet on adult dorms in South End – and it’s a smart bet

“These micro apartments are the rage in Washington DC. Yes, the apts themselves are very small, but the buildings have lobby’s, work out and plug in office spaces, large communal kitchens and cozy game rooms and large screen tv’s so that when you want to have friends over for a meal or to watch a game or sit for drinks around a fire pit, the building accommodates this lifestyle. The younger Washington set, who work long hours seem to like this ‘adult dorm’ that gives them luxury amenities. Why wouldn’t it work in South End?” – F

“Regarding your comments about being ‘saddened and somewhat shocked’ that so many young people rent lavish apartments in South End instead of renting or buying in a place like SouthPark… It’s honestly not that shocking when you think about it. My fiancee and I live in one of said apartment complexes in South End and many of the tenants in our building are young couples. I wouldn’t classify them as hipsters who can hardly make ends meet (although we truly never know another person’s financial situation). In many cases, our neighbors are dating or engaged, have really good jobs and — when they combine expenses — are paying between $850 and $1100 each in rent. My fiancee and I fall into this category. This is a 2-5 year period in our lives when we’re not ready to move to the suburbs. We aren’t married, yet, so we don’t think it’s a smart decision to buy; we want to be close to the action while we’re young and have the disposable income; we don’t want a lawn to mow or leaves to rake and we love the convenience of an on-call maintenance staff. So am I willing to pay an extra couple hundred dollars a month for those conveniences? Absolutely. Plus, this isn’t exactly the best time to buy a house. I’ll wait until the bankers F up the market again…” – N

In response to: It’s cuffing season. Is Charlotte taking part?

“Cuffing.. just the latest example of how millennials are a bunch of morons.” – P

In response to: Take a look at what’s coming to the former Observer site Uptown (5 renderings)

“I couldn’t be more disappointed in the Observer site renderings. This straight up looks like we are going for the mid 90s concrete pillars and glass look. As you mentioned it is the same look on all 4 sides. It simply looks like zero thought was put into the design of such an important project (copy one side then paste/paste/paste).” – T

In response to: 15 Charlotte pups you should be following on Instagram

“We’re not mad. Just disappointed.” – M


“Esther’s reaction to not being named to the top 15…” – M


“My dog is pretty mad” – L


“So outraged they’re standing on tables.” – L

dogs on twitter

In response to: Here’s how I planned my tiny Charlotte wedding for under $8,000

“$8,000 for a tiny wedding? Times sure have changed since 2011 when I got married. We threw a good medium sized wedding for about $11,000 that our friends still talk about to this day. *shrug*” – A

In response to the “stat” our January 18 newsletter:

“That was quite the bold statement about Heirloom’s fried chicken! My wife and I have been subsisting on Carpe Diem fried chicken for years, and are reluctant to give anyone else a try. Can you tell me this? Does Heirloom’s version have bones? That could be a deal breaker for my particularly finicky.” – P

Ted: No bones. I’m not a bone guy. I have delicate internet hands that don’t like the labor involved with bones. I’ve been a Carpe Diem fried chicken guy for 6 years. I still love it. But it’s the sauce drizzled on the Heirloom fried chicken that makes it the best.

In response to: Potbelly officially opens on Friday in Uptown

“I went to Potbelly Sandwich yesterday. I liked it better the first time it was in Latta Arcade….when it was called QUIZNO’S!!!! I mean seriously….you put cold cuts on a sub roll, run it through a toaster, put toppings on it, and wrap it up. What is the big deal? Am I missing something here?” – D

In response to: Go inside Heist’s gorgeous new 3,000-square-foot taproom expansion

“Oh thank god. I’m so glad NoDa FINALLY has a place to eat, drink, and ‘just hang out.’ We’ve really been starved of places like that. And I’m so glad we pushed out such a useless neighborhood addition like a veterinarian to do it. Maybe next we can get rid of the Y and add in a social house… really complete the transformation of NoDa from a friendly, unique community into the same giant fermentation tank of homogeneity that South End is. #blessed. While Heist is expanding into their ~super cool hangout space~ you can find me at NoDa Brewing, who canned water for Lumberton, or Birdsong, who regularly partners with Four Dogs for events and charity (Thanks for reading my sassy email even though you’re not responsible for any of Heist’s or their super shady landlord’s business decisions)” – L

In response to: Life Hack: You don’t have to have an opinion about everything

“One of my favorite quotes: ‘Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say, and say it hot.’ – D.H. Lawrence” – A

“Katie, I understand your meditation practice has led you to relinquish the forming of opinions on matters you deem trivial. I’m happy for you. But your condescension of those who did express an opinion is inappropriate. Inherent in a news publication is the author’s and editor’s endorsement that readers should care about its content. Sure, reactions can be tempered, but they should not be silenced.” – C

“Stellar.” – P

“Wow Katie, an anti-hot-take hot take? How meta. Did Ted put you up to this? It seems like something he would do.” – J

In response to Katie’s cat pocket t-shirt mentioned in the newsletter on January 18

“How can I find out where to buy the cat pocket T-shirt worn by Katie in Wednesday’s Agenda, January 18?”

“Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that cat pocket shirts are definitely weird. To commemorate this once in a lifetime occasion of us agreeing on something, I created this Ted Williams Commemorative Pocket T-Shirt. Enjoy!” – C


In response to: It’s the little things that make lunch at Thai Taste addictive

“You should let Thai Taste’s miniature iced tea pitcher write your articles for you. I think it’d be more enjoyable for us all.” – D

“This note is about Ted’s use of ‘pud thai’ not once, not twice, but THREE times in today’s article about Thai Taste. This seems like an inconsequential detail, but your mission statement is literally, ‘Axios Charlotte exists to make Charlotte the smartest, most human city in the world.’ Can we LOOK at the spelling at a dish before we craft an entire piece about it? Can we google on the world wide interwebs? Also, pad thai is basically the hamburger of thai food. Someone recommending the pad thai at a thai restaurant should clearly not be writing anything about a thai restaurant other than a complimentary facebook post or tweet. It’s on the level of, ‘Pro tip: There’s a super delicious Olive Garden in Times Square!’ Looking forward to your groundbreaking pieces ‘Freedom Park is low-key the best place to have a picnic by a fountain this spring,’ and ‘Fried Chicken: Have you guys tried this stuff?!?!'” – B

Ted: That’s how they spelled it on the menu.

In response to: Are dogs getting kicked out of Charlotte breweries?

“I am SO HAPPY to hear this potential brewery dog free zone news – YAY! Now we can actually start coming out to breweries again with no dogs jumping, slobbering, barking, and sniffing our crotches! I have been blown away how this has NOT been enforced before. Watching your waitress, barista or bartender love all over a dog with hair flying all over, then serve up food and or drink 2 seconds later is gross, not to mention we don’t exactly go out to relax and have fun to smell like dog and have that chaos up in our faces. The brewery dog in tow scene is CLT is ridiculous. We used to get fined if there was even the sight of an animal on the patio of places I worked in 3 different states before moving here. I love pets, but there is a time and a place, and it is NOT on a patio or inside when I am eating or drinking. I would love to sign/lobby/hoo-rah FOR this ban. Is there a best person or place to contact?” – S

In response to: A letter to “People not from Charlotte” about snow

“Just thought you should’ve added to the piece about snow in Charlotte that the transplants, (myself included) shouldn’t complain about the driving in the snow. (And I don’t). I hear people say the southerners can’t drive in the snow, but it’s not the southerners. Only 11% of the population of Charlotte are native. So chances are when people complain about the drivers, they’re most likely complaining about someone from their home state or neighboring state.” – D

“I’m not sure what I find more entertaining, the fact that native Charlotteans go bananas when water turns to ice outside, or the fact that you felt compelled to write us transplants a letter to tell us all about. Undoubtedly, snow days for children are magical. The prospect of snow angels, snow men, and hot cocoa brighten a young person’s day this time of year. But for you, kind neighbor, we northerners simply ask that you be the rational adult you are on every other day of the year. Snow on the grass does not mean you can’t drive. It does not mean businesses should close. Nor should schools remain closed for days on end just in case some ice lingers on a sidewalk. Nor should the local grocery store be raided like the zombie apocalypse is upon us. Bless your heart, I know it’s a lot to take in, but I promise, it’s just extra cold rain. You will be fine. Act accordingly. ” – S

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