Meet Kseniya and Brandon Martin’s dog, Theo

Meet Kseniya and Brandon Martin’s dog, Theo
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This is part of our ongoing series titled Pet Tales, stories about Charlotteans’ best friends.

Kseniya and Brandon Martin’s dog:

Theodore Oscar Martin, 3.5 years old, German Shorthaired mix (we’re not sure what the “mix” is).



Adopted from CharMeck Animal Care & Control.

Let’s say your pet has a job interview and has to describe itself in three

They are: intelligent, energetic, funny.


Now you describe your pet in three words: 

Intelligent, energetic, loyal.

Best trait: 

His easy going personality.


Worst habit: 

Thinking he’s a lap dog at 70+ pounds.

Favorite food: 

Watermelon, pineapple, carrots, cucumbers and beets.

Greatest accomplishment: 

Eating a couch.


Favorite places in Charlotte: 

Anywhere where he can roam free, the treats are unlimited, and there are tons of other puppy friends to play with.

Biggest fear:

The baby gate.

Sleep spot:

Between the two of us or on his own couch.

The house is on fire and you’ve obviously already saved your pet (duh) so now your pet gets to save ONE THING that isn’t you. What is it?

A fleece Bobcats blanket that I got 2 years ago at influencer night.


Your favorite thing about your pet: Theo has changed our lives for the better and made us better human beings.

What’s one thing about your pet that only you know:

We’ve made up enough songs about him to release an album.

Connect with Theo and his owners:

Theo: Instagram
Theo: Twitter
Theo: Facebook
Owner: Instagram
Owner: Twitter

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