I spoke with two recruiters at AvidXchange about the hiring process. Here’s what I learned

I spoke with two recruiters at AvidXchange about the hiring process. Here’s what I learned
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If you’re a job-seeker with AvidXchange in your sights, you’re far from alone. For the past four years AvidXchange has been one of the 50 fastest-growing private companies in the area, and it recently came in at 268th on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 list.

So, how does the hiring process work at this high-growth technology company?

I recently sat down with David Elliston and Josh Engelken, two of the IT recruiters for AvidXchange.

My simple task was to learn how prospective employees can best find themselves a full-time fit.



“There’s really two ways for people to get to us,” explains Elliston. “One is to go to the AvidXchange career page and apply for a position. You can drill down by categories and certain job functions, so if you’re looking for a particular type of role you can just drill down that way.

“There’s also a General Application button so if they go through and they don’t see a position they’re interested in, they can still send their resume through there and that still comes straight to us and we can look at it because it’s all about the magic of timing. We may get a resume through the General Application that’s applicable to a position that’s coming down the pipeline.”

AvidXchange brought on 400 new employees in 2016, and Elliston says there are between 30 and 75 open posted positions at any given time.


They’re looking to bring on a very specific brand of new hires, specifically, “people who like solving problems and aren’t afraid to make a mistake or have an opinion,” says Elliston.

Looking for the most qualified candidate is an obvious part of the hiring process, but Elliston and others also evaluate prospective hires on their ability to fit into company’s culture. “The key to our culture is innovation, and that’s what we look for in the people that we’re hiring: people who are freethinkers and people who are problem solvers.



“We are growing very quickly, and the people that have been very successful here are the ones that can handle a lot of variety in terms of what’s happening with the business.”

Roughly 80% of AvidXchange’s workforce is based in Charlotte, split between their current headquarters at the Metropolitan, and their under-construction space at the AvidXchange-branded Music Factory.

By year’s end, they anticipate consolidating all Charlotte-area operations under that roof.


What’s it like being a new hire at AvidXchange?

“We don’t want to throw someone to the wolves right away,” stresses Elliston. “We have internal training here through what we call Avid University which teaches them about different areas of the business and things of that nature. Also we have a buddy system where (new hires) actually have someone to help them get through the basics: meeting different people within the business, learning simple things like where the conference rooms are, like how you get to the break room, things like that.”

Even once you get settled into your new position, life at AvidXchange is fluid. Interested in an internal change of scenery? They have you covered there as well.


“We make it easy for people,” says Elliston. “If they want to try a different department out or a different position, there are ways for them to grow within the organization. Through our internal career board we just put up recently, you can go online and see what open positions there are and they can apply to it just like any other person would and then go through the interview process and just kind of go after a position they’re interested in.”

AvidXchange is a rare bird in the tech field, with an even male/female split in their workforce and an average employee age of 34.

“AvidXchange’s growth proves that you don’t have to be on the West Coast to provide world-class technology,” finishes Elliston. “You just need a great location, like Charlotte, to foster an environment of creative thinking and collaboration.”

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