You can buy Girl Scout cookies online right now

You can buy Girl Scout cookies online right now
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Sound the alarm.

Girl Scout cookie season is back.

The selling season officially kicks off on Friday, February 10 and there are three ways to buy.

(1) Know a Girl Scout. If you’re lucky, you’ve already got a neighbor, niece, daughter or coworker’s kid as a trusted supplier.

(2) Find a local cookie booth. Girl Scouts set up shop at locations around town (mostly grocery stores) throughout February and into March. Starting 2/10, you can enter your ZIP code into this Cookie Finder (or download the Cookie Finder app for iOS and Android) to find locations near you.

(3) Buy online. The Digital Cookie Platform, launched in 2015, is the best thing to happen to Girl Scout cookies since the Samoa.

Obviously eager cookie fans want to start ordering online right now, but there’s a catch.

Girl Scouts entered the world of e-commerce in 2015 to help girls “superpower their cookie sales as they go beyond the booth with mobile and online channels.”

But in true traditional door-to-door sales fashion, online cookie sales still have to be initiated with a direct ask (via email, for example) from a seller to a buyer. In other words, you have to know a Girl Scout to get a link.

This is in part to uphold the tradition of the personalized Girl Scout cookie selling experience and in part to protect the girls. Because online buyers have the option of either paying for postal delivery or requesting in-person delivery from a Girl Scout, it’s safer if girls only distribute their online store links to people they know.

But there’s no need to panic if you don’t know any Girl Scouts. There’s one more way to buy Girl Scout cookies online here in Charlotte.

Charlotte’s local Hornets’ Nest Council has set up a public Digital Cookie platform managed by and benefitting its Girls Go Beyond initiative, an outreach program for girls in at-risk environments, rural communities and underserved or emerging populations.

GGB brings Girl Scouts programming to more than 3,000 children in the council’s 8-county footprint, and buying cookies from their online store helps make that possible. Ok, twist my arm.

Buy Girl Scout cookies online in Charlotte

(1) Visit the Hornets’ Nest Girls Go Beyond Digital Cookie page here

(2) Order a minimum of 4 boxes of cookies

(3) Select “Ship the cookies” as your delivery method (DO NOT select “In-Person”)

(4) Eagerly await the arrival of your cookies

Online orders ship immediately (yes, even before February 10) and will arrive in 3-5 business days.


Last year Charlotte’s top sellers sold about 2,000 boxes of cookies each.

For 2017 the Hornets’ Nest Council hopes to sell 1,000,000 boxes in the greater Charlotte area. Let’s break some records. You know what to do: Buy cookies now.

And don’t forget to continue supporting your neighborhood Girl Scouts and their cookie booths that will be popping up across town in a couple weeks.

Header photo by brianpdx on Flickr

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