8 services that will make your life as a Charlotte parent easier

8 services that will make your life as a Charlotte parent easier
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Parenthood is hard. Some days are fabulous and others you feel totally defeated.

Are these services necessary to surviving parenting? Definitely not. But, they’ll make your life a lot easier if you’re having one of those defeated days and encounter any of these unpleasant issues.

Dirty baby gear

Clean Kidz to the rescue! I really wish I had known about this company during our first (and hopefully only) vomit-in-car seat episode. I would have paid big money to outsource that cleanup.

Not only will Clean Kidz wash and sanitize your car seat, stroller, high chair, you-name-it, they’ll also pick it up and return it in the same day. Prices here (ex, a car seat cleaning costs $34.95).


Sure, you can try one of the home remedies you find on the internet or an over the counter treatment. Even better, why not outsource it and have the professionals come to your home and get rid of the issue professionally and immediately?

For $100 an hour, Nit Nabbers will come to your home, apply all-natural products to detach the nits and manually remove them with a fine-toothed comb. No matter how severe the case, they never charge more than 1.75 hours per person.

Rather not have Nit Nabbers come to your home? Check out appointments at Pediatric Hair Solutions.

Cloth diaper cleaning

Thinking about cloth diapering? Ivy’s Diaper Service is the place to start.

Once you’ve taken their free demo class and purchased your stash of diapers from them, take advantage of their laundry service. Ivy’s delivery service will take your dirty cloth diapers off your hand and return them fresh and clean. Prices here (starts at $10).

Piles of dirty laundry

Even if you aren’t cloth diapering, laundry with kids can quickly pile up. Let 2ULaundry take the dirty work off your hands.

They’ll pick your bag of dirty laundry up in the morning and return it clean the next afternoon. They offer a baby-friendly, dye and fragrance free detergent by Rockin’ Green. Prices here (may very depending on your location).

Sick child

You’re armed with a prescription and a sick child leaving the pediatrician’s office. You head straight to the drug store on your way home to pick up medicine and find out when you arrive that they haven’t yet received the prescription and you’re going to have to wait.

Next time, skip the extra stop on your way home and use Cannon Pharmacy. With six locations, they offer free local prescription delivery.

Shaggy hair

Does dragging your four kids to the barber shop on a Saturday sound like a nightmare to you? Me too.

Instead, get Tiara Parker of If the Crown Fits to come to your house and knock out all four haircuts in the comfort of your home. Even better, get together with a few neighbors and schedule one of her haircut parties.

Sleep deprivation

Let’s be honest, every parent has dealt with this one. But if you’re at the point where there’s no improvement and you don’t trust yourself to pull off the “cry it out” or other sleep training methods, it might be time to call in a professional.

Whether you just need a pep talk from a pro or you need them to actually come to your house and help you train your child, Morgan Griffith of Sleep Pea Infant & Toddler Sleep Consulting is there for you. She offers a range of services at different prices and most families see a dramatic improvement in less than three days.

[Agenda story: How Morgan Griffith moved from corporate PR to baby sleep consulting]

Baby on the move

Once your little one starts moving, she will get into everything. That random lamp on a side table soon becomes a cord she can pull up on and a major hazard.

Hire Palmetto Childproofing to ensure your home is completely baby proofed. You can hire them to consult or do to a full installation of childproofing products (services here).


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