12 workouts to try in the new year based on your fitness personality type

12 workouts to try in the new year based on your fitness personality type
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Establishing a new fitness routine might be at the top of your New Year’s resolutions list.

The truth of the matter is most resolutions fall to the wayside after a month of two — and that’s all the more likely to happen with fitness if you don’t pick a workout that makes sense for your schedule and personality.

Try one of these workout to get your blood pumping and stick it to your resolution once and for all.

If you’re competitive, try:

Orange Theory Fitness: This intense workout rotates between the treadmill, rower and strength circuits. You’re armed with a heart rate monitor that helps measure your intensity. This is the ultimate you versus you workout — follow Orange Theory on Instagram and you’ll see participants posing with the PR (personal record) board on the regular.


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Flywheel: There are a lot of spin/cycle classes in Charlotte, but Flywheel really brings the intensity with its theater-style theater and torqboard that measures your performance. You can also opt in for “races” throughout the workout that measure how you’re doing compared to other class participants. The Cotswold studio also offers Flybarre classes.

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If running is not your jam, try:

Coreology: So you want to have a beach bod, but hate the thought of sweating through several miles? Try Coreology in NoDa. Its workouts are based on the megaformer machines and are sure to help you tighten all those jiggly places in a deceptively tough workout. This new-to-town concept has many similarities with Charlotte fitness stalwart Hilliard Studio Method.

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Carolina Barre & Core: Barre workouts have become popular in recent years for good reason. They most likely to conjure up images of ballet because of the barre in the studio, but they offer much more variety. There are classes that include cardio, like at this Selwyn Avenue studio, but where you’ll really feel it the next day is your abs and legs.

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Arrichion: This hot yoga and circuits studio in South End gets rave reviews. There are nine different classes depending on your taste. Most focus solely on your hot yoga practice, but several incorporate cardio circuits. If you’re a beginner, check out the Topaz class.

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photo via Facebook

photo via Facebook

If you want a tribe to work out with, try:

FiA/F3: These free bootcamp/running groups meet in the early morning at outdoor sites across Charlotte. (FiA caters to women and F3 to men.) How do you know I love it? I hate the cold and I hate mornings, but I’ve been attending workouts for about three and a half years now. These groups are all about encouraging each other while also promoting fitness and a healthier lifestyle.

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Crossfit: There are so many boxes (AKA gyms) in Charlotte, that it’s hard to single one out. These workouts are known for mixing cardio with strength — lots of strength. If getting stronger while making good friends is on your list this year, these workouts are definitely worth your investment. Just make sure to take it slow if you’re a beginner.

If you want something nontraditional, try:

Off Course Racing: These races — often referred to as mud runs — have really taken off in the past few years with the popular Spartan Races and others such as Tough Mudder. You can train on your own and sign up for events as they come or you could train with OCR master Jen Dufresne with her Cross Conditioning OCR program.

Climbing: Want to impress everyone with your guns come T-shirt and tank top season? Rock climbing offers a great break from the ordinary. Plus, it’s another workout that is ultimately you versus you. Inner Peaks Climbing Center has two locations — one in South End and another on Monroe Road — for those looking to climb to new heights this year.

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AerialCLT: Do you want to feel like a high-flying cirque du soleil performer? Try your hand at aerials, which requires a crazy amount of core strength to perfect. Seriously, I have a friend who does this, and the videos of her performances never cease to amaze me. AerialCLT, with uptown and Pineville studios, offers courses such as intro to silks and intro to trapeze (seriously).

If you want something low commitment/free, try:

STAX: This jack-of-all trades studio also offers cycling, yoga and crossfit, but it’s known for its free Monday and Wednesday night boot camps with former NFL star Randy Moss and local phenom athlete Emily “Breeze” Ross Watson. Grab a friend and check it out if you want to dip your toe into the boot camp scene.

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Brewery runs/yoga: The more breweries that pop up on the scene in Charlotte, the more fitness options that seem to appear. Some of these, such as NoDa Brewery’s, are staples. Many are free, while some yoga classes require a nominal fee of $5 (often earning you a beer as part of the package). This is a great option if your schedule varies or you like to get out there after work with friends.

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See you at the gym!

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