Here’s who Charlotte wrote in for president

Here’s who Charlotte wrote in for president
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There’s something inherently interesting in the fact that when you’re voting, you can just write in whatever name you want to be considered for office. Sometimes it even works.

I requested the list of all write-in votes in Mecklenburg County for the presidential race.

I’ve excluded the numerous people who got one write-in vote. Several people appear to have voted for themselves, and even recruited a few friends to do so a well. One local portfolio manager appears to have accrued four votes for the presidency.



Here’s the full break-down of Mecklenburg County’s write-in votes:

Jill Stein (Green Party): 1,352

Bernie Sanders (Democratic candidate): 1,120

Evan McMullin (independent): 1,046

John Kasich (Republican candidate): 541

Paul Ryan (House speaker): 353

Mike Pence (Trump’s VP): 220

Mitt Romney (2012 Republican nominee): 166

Marco Rubio (Republican candidate): 131

Ted Cruz (Republican candidate): 70

Ben Carson (Republican candidate): 66

John McCain (2008 Republican nominee): 64

Jeb Bush (Republican candidate): 51

Darrell Castle (Constitution Party): 50

Rand Paul (Republican candidate): 35

Joe Biden (Vice President): 30

Condoleezza Rice (former Secretary of State under Bush): 20

Michael Bloomberg (billionaire, former NYC mayor): 20

Colin Powell (former Secretary of State under Bush): 19

God: 18

Michelle Obama (First Lady): 15

Ron Paul (2012 Republican candidate): 15

Benjamin Sasse (U.S. senator): 13

Nikki Haley (S.C. governor): 13

Lindsey Graham (U.S. representative from S.C.): 12

Mike Huckabee (2012 Republican candidate): 11

Vermin Supreme (performance artist): 11

Carly Fiorina (Republican candidate): 10

Mike Maturen (American Solidarity Party): 10

Theo Epstein (Chicago Cubs manager): 8

Scott Walker (Wisconsin governor): 7

Chris Christie (Republican candidate): 5

Harambe (deceased gorilla): 5

Monica Moorehead (Workers World Party): 5

Pat McCrory (N.C. governor): 5

Willie Nelson (country singer): 5

Bill Murray (actor): 4

Billy Graham (evangelist): 4

Franklin Graham (evangelist): 4

Cam Newton (Panthers quarterback): 4

Stephen Colbert (comedian): 4

Ralph Nader (former presidential candidate): 3

Tim Scott (U.S. senator from S.C.): 3

Casey Kimbrough (pastor of Charlotte’s Mount Carmel Baptist Church): 2

Chris Keniston (independent): 2

Warren Buffett (billionaire investor): 2

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