Where to party on New Year’s Eve according to your desired end game

Where to party on New Year’s Eve according to your desired end game
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Something for everyone.

I want an excuse to dress up like a sophisticated socialite but I also want to behave like a wild animal.

Perfect. Welcome to most Uptown NYE parties. You’ll definitely find what you’re looking for at Whisky River where they’re hosting a “Royal Ball” with “free rides on our chivalrous mechanical bull.” Tres chic.

Food is very important to me.

Same. When a buffet just won’t cut it, hit up a spot offering a full multi-course dinner.

Leroy Fox has a four-course dinner for $70 (with champagne), 5Church has a four-course dinner for $75-$120 (with champagne, or upgrade to an open bar for another $50) and Ink N Ivy has a 3-course dinner for $175 (with champagne and access to all the buffets).

I want to avoid insane cover charges and then bankrupt myself with Taco Bell drunk food.

Angry Ale’s House Party. Party in the heart of Montford without paying $100 to get in. A $10 ticket guarantees entry before 11pm and a Taco Bell 0.3 miles down the road guarantees you’ll buy $40 worth of chalupas at 3am.


Get out of my way. I’m here to dance.

Amos’ Southend’s Final NYE. Three words: 80s versus 90s. They’ll have two of Charlotte’s best retro cover bands battling it out for the greatest decade and you’ll have shining moments of glory when you bust out the running man and the Macarena.

Want something clubbier? Southside on a regular Saturday night is already where you go to dance like a maniac. Southside on a New Year’s Eve Saturday includes a liquor luge. Feel the rhythm.

via web

via web

I want to do the exact same thing I do every Saturday night but with a cover charge and bigger crowds.

Sycamore’s Brew Year’s Eve. $30 gets you two beers (or champagnes), food from Papi Queso and the comfort of your same old routine at your favorite brewery.

sycamore anniversary

I want to go out on New Year’s Eve without going to a New Year’s Eve party.

Abari is keeping it chill with free play on all their pinball machines and a complimentary champagne toast.


I want to pregame in a South End apartment, take a brief but rowdy light rail ride to our destination, run into every single one of my Bumble matches under one roof at the same time, make a new best friend in line for the bathroom, throw up, lose my phone and keys, binge eat hashbrowns at Midnight Diner and wake up on my friend’s couch because I couldn’t call an Uber or get into my own house.

Carnivale at Southend Station. This is exactly how the night will go for 83% of people who land at this monster party hosted by Hot Taco, All American Pub, Slate and Oak Room.

I want to wear sweatpants and be asleep by 12:05.

My house. See you there.

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