Mailbag: Top 25 feedback letters on Bumble, Christmas Village, $20,000 salary and fashion

Mailbag: Top 25 feedback letters on Bumble, Christmas Village, $20,000 salary and fashion
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General anonymous feedback

“Just saw Ted speak on a panel about marketing to millennials. Don’t know which is more surprising: the number of times he said ‘idiots’ or the lack of times he said ‘YAFO’.”

“[Agenda Team Member], we matched on Bumble the other day and never heard from you. Sup?”

In response to: Stop freaking out about how the Charlotte Christmas Village isn’t good enough

“Where are the wood huts? Where are the live performers? Where is the specialty food? We didn’t find any of that there. We are happy to give it time and ongoing support. Maybe the marketing should have been different. The hype and pre marketing didn’t help this case. Don’t blame just the consumers disappointment when it didn’t deliver the product it said it would. – E

“I am freaking out, because this was a major let down. Not only was I expecting to see more… I was expecting to see wooden huts – even fake wooden huts to stir that sense of holiday spirit/nostalgia… not white plastic tents. Perhaps my expectations are too high having lived in Europe (but seriously!) 2/10 (10 being best). And, I took my out of town guests…. who were equally unimpressed.” – M

“People that are whining, are most likely not Charlottean’s!! If you don’t like it, leave!! We don’t want you here anyhow!! Go back where you moved from!! We are soooo tired of the whiney young people – grow up!!” -A

“Thank you for your positive feedback on the Christmas Village. A lot of thought and effort went into creating a family oriented Christmas venue. It didn’t help that the City (or county) decided 2 weeks before opening that that they couldn’t do the wooden huts, like the German markets. Each year will get better.” – R

In response to: Cash Confessional: A week of spending in Charlotte on a $20,000 salary

“Dear latest clueless and entitled millennial in an endless string of clueless and entitled millennials, Stop complaining about being ‘POOR’ and ‘crawling to payday’ and ‘head above water’ and ‘not always enough to go around’ and how you ‘can’t afford’ health insurance and ‘drowning’ when you:
– have a $327(!) car payment
– have Chinese for lunch on a Tuesday
– buy sunglasses
– get Starbucks (the fancy stuff, not just coffee), not just once for yourself but again for you and your boss
– have weekday brunch at Toastery
– buy donuts for your co-workers
– have a $9 glass of wine
– have breakfast from Chick-Fil-A because you ‘earned it’.
These are called LUXURIES. They aren’t necessities. And I’m not even including internet and phone, which also aren’t necessities. Seriously — a 300+ dollar payment on A CAR and you’re complaining about being poor? Quit whining. Grow up.” – A

“Cash confessional today was depressing. Three words for that chick: Start driving Uber.” – D

“Can’t afford the $150 a month in student loans but has a car note that is nearly as much as rent. How about a cheaper car that way you can pay those loans and not screw your credit? That is everyday life.” – M

“I can hear all the readers now, crying about how one has to live and it’s someone’s right to treat themselves to Starbucks etc. Sorry, it’s about responsibility, choices and working with what you’ve got and I hope that one of your financial guides sits down and gives her a plan of how to navigate this tough situation of low income as well as working toward a goal for moving toward a higher paying job. Trust me, I’ve been there, done that while also going to school. Right or wrong it did take me over 10 years to pay off my student loans, part of MY responsibility for making the choice to attend the private college I did and take on tuition. Good luck.” – F

In response to: 5 best new Charlotte restaurants of 2016 – and 15 more honorable mentions

“Your top restaurants of 2016 story literally just setback Charlotte another couple years in the regional food discussion. Personally, I am obsessed with Yafo, but when you (a growing, respected news source, especially for millennials that will be visiting the places you mention) name a fast casual concept the #1 new restaurant for the year, you’re doing a disservice to all of the great chefs who are trying to put Charlotte on the culinary map. I mean, look at the engagement you have with your food-related stories compared to most of your other ones. Over 10,000 impressionable people will certainly flock to Yafo, and they should, but that’s not doing anything to help Charlotte get past Greenville, let alone, Raleigh, Atlanta, Charleston, or Savannah.”

In response to: Am I the only one that thinks Charlotte millennial fashion is a throwback joke?

“Some of us 50 somethings are rejoicing that high waisted pants are back. No more trying to squeeze into those low rises with the muffin top runneth over.” – S

“Not a fan of today’s article about Charlotte millennial fashion. It’s true. Millennial fashion is hilarious, but this writer’s tone wreaked of white macho arrogance. This type of cliched arrogant-dad blather makes me want to compose a list entitled ‘youwritelikeana**hole,’ similar to the author’s douchey parking piss list. I’m 35, but I don’t walk around critiquing male short length. I celebrate the right to let others express their creativity by what they wear and how they look, even if what they are wearing is a 30-second fad. My advice to this author would be to get his head out of his ass and start a conversation with someone in 7 in. inseam shorts and a flannel shirt drinking an IPA. He might learn something. Or better, take a trip to Brooklyn. Normally, the Agenda is more intelligent and on-point than an article this vapid and trite. As a daily reader, I expect better from you guys as far as progressiveness, writing and content quality.” – K

“Author Jon Show = Fashion Spirit Animal.” – P

“You know nothing, Jon Show. JK. I actually share the sentiment here, even as a millennial myself. And the throwback fashion and crazy sense of materialism isn’t isolated to just Charlotte.” – N

“The Axios Charlotte has done a tremendous job trashing its target demographic this week. To all prematurely geriatric Agenda writers, and readers tearing rotator cuffs patting themselves on the back over content like this, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Bundle up, I’m sure that uphill walk through the snow both ways as you travel home for the holiday will be a bit chilly.” – H

In response to: Noooo! Crisp in Elizabeth is now closed after 10+ years at that location

“I’d been going to Crisp Elizabeth for years and can attest for their quality going downhill at that location. They can blame it on the construction and parking lot and all they want but when you have a gym (Burn Bootcamp) right next door that encourages clean eating (something that Crisp can easily accommodate) and you still can’t make it, it’s how the place is being managed, not the other reasons being given. That being said, I think the location would be great for Yafo and hope to see CA support that idea! :)” – E

In response to: Why hasn’t the governor’s race ended yet?

“Thank you very much for your cogent and spot on analysis of the situation. In my humble opinion you have outdone the folks at the Observer, and certainly the State and National media. Bravo!” – H

In response to: LIST: Charlotte’s 49 ad agencies and creative services companies

“THANK YOU for the list of Charlotte’s ad agencies and creative services companies! I’m a copywriter job-hunting in the Charlotte area and this list is pure gold. I’d been applying out of Charlotte because I was discouraged by the ’emerging creative market’ (as one recruiter so delicately put it) here, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover 21 companies on your list that I was previously unaware of. PS: I have a big, fat copywriter crush on Mary Gross.” – D

In response to: How popular is plastic surgery in Charlotte?

“I know the story was about plastic surgery, but please don’t put anything that might be construed as NSFW (even if it’s not) as the lead photo.” – E

In response to: Yes, that smoke you smell is from the North Carolina wildfires. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

“I am so glad that the popular belief of a ‘citywide cook-out’ causing the smoke and poor air quality across all of Charlotte has been dispelled. People all across the state have surely been wondering ‘what’s for dinner?’ while thousands of emergency workers have been battling to keep the region safe and thousands of people have had to evacuate their homes in the hope that their livelihoods aren’t destroyed. I can’t thank Axios Charlotte enough for clarifying this, for us, the readers. How about instead of hoping for a ‘citywide cook-out’ likely hosted by Kid Cashew, Sycamore Brewing, or whatever other subpar establishment is paying you for coverage that month, you write about the important things as opposed to making jokes about everything. Unless we’ve been living under rocks, we know about the wildfires, so just tell us what we need to know and how we can help. Become actual journalists for once, although I know it will be tough for you.” – M

In response to: Cash Confessional: Meet Melody, the single mother getting by on $22,000 a year

“Longtime reader, first time writer. Thank you for sharing Melody’s story. I loved reading how she does not let her salary define her. I am one of the terrible bankers everyone loves to hate, and I am the one who should be ashamed if I were featured on Cash Confessional. Melody should be proud of her ability to prioritize her family (very hard for us bankers), pursue further higher education, and contribute to her community. Melody is the type of woman I would be proud to have in my ‘girl tribe’.” – A

“Melony mentions a vague idea about getting the right people to the table to address the classism divide. But, what are some actual steps that my kids and I could do to help? I’d like to get my neighbors involved as well, but I’m having trouble figuring out the ‘what’.” – P

In response to: How many calories are in that Charlotte beer you’re drinking?

“I enjoy food and drinks but I also keep track of my macros. I have to do because I used to be overweight and I’m trying hard not to get back that way. At the same time, I believe balance is important but I still like to know a little something about what I’m consuming. I’m probably one of the few people that has gone to a brewery and asked for a calorie range. I could never get a straight answer so this is very helpful!” – C

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