10 gifts ranging from $5-$250 for Charlotte dudes made by Charlotte dudes

10 gifts ranging from $5-$250 for Charlotte dudes made by Charlotte dudes
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Looking for a gift for your hottie boyfriend or just want to give a little man love to your buddy?

Look no further than this curated list of Charlotte stuff made by Charlotte dudes for other Charlotte dudes.

704 Shop’s Cut & Sew Series Flannel Shirt ($95)

Makers: Scott Wooten, Jerri Shepard & Christopher Moxley.

Fun Facts: Our team owns a bunch of 704 Shop hats and shirts. Love these guys and love their products.

Agenda Story: Rep 704 – Five local fashion brands that scream Charlotte pride

Boldfoot Socks’ “Jefferson” Gift 3-pack ($45)

Maker: Brad Christmann

Fun Fact: 5% of profits go to vets in need.

Agenda Story: With about 20,000 $15 socks sold over the past 2 years, the future is bright for Sockaprenuer Brad Christmann

Bulletprufe Denim’s pants ($98)

Maker: Will Fisher

Fun Fact: Even though these pants are designed for skaters, non-skaters like myself wear them daily because of the amazing fit.

Chef Alyssa’s Smoked Chili and Rosemary Mustard ($8)

Maker: Andrew Wilen

Fun Fact: Made with all-natural ingredients and preservative free. Delicious. I use it on my turkey sandwiches.

Agenda Story: Chef Alyssa introduces two easy-to-make (and healthy), fall recipes for your busy schedule

Doc Porter’s Gin ($33)

Maker: Andrew Porter

Fun Fact: The distillery is run by husband and wife duo Andrew and Liz Porter and located in South End near OMB.

Agenda Story: Doc Porter’s Craft Distillery in South End


Feetures! High Performance sock ($12)

Maker: Hugh Gaither

Fun Fact: It’s an expensive sock, but worth it. I wear Feetures every day.

Agenda Story: I’ve fallen in love with a $12 sock made in Charlotte

FitzGerald Morrell’s Custom Gloves ($225)

Maker: Pat Morrell

Fun Fact: Pat’s fulltime gig is leading a team at Sealed Air. Also, he just launched a line of golf gloves.

Glory Days Apparel’s Charlotte Neighborhood Shirts ($32)

Maker: JD Harris

Fun Fact: JD’s hair and eye brows look oddly perfect. Oh, and the shirts are soft.

Agenda Story: Glory Days Apparel puts Charlotte nostalgia on a t-shirt

Traveller Trading Co’s Johnny Wallet ($60)

Maker: Brock Norris

Fun Fact: Started off making these wallets as groomsman gifts for a friend.

Agenda Story: What drives Brock Norris of Traveller Trading Co?

Ole Mason Jar’s Currituck Stripe Tie ($85)

Makers: Bradley Rhyne & Flipe Ho

Fun Fact:  They’ve got a retail store in Brevard Court.

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