Don’t be fooled by the strip mall exterior, Lumiere is easily a top 10 Charlotte restaurant

Don’t be fooled by the strip mall exterior, Lumiere is easily a top 10 Charlotte restaurant
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Lumiere offers delicious, small portion modern French food with an intimate setting.

Driving past the ridiculously busy and oddly named intersection of Providence, Providence, Queens and Queens, it’s easy to overlook the three-year-old French restaurant named Lumiere.

Nestled between an Allstate insurance office and a dry cleaners, I would’ve guessed that Lumiere was a poorly named mattress store, not one of Charlotte’s best restaurants.


Once inside, you’re immediately struck by the intimate feel of the restaurant.

With only about 15 tables, modern decor and no windows, the restaurant gives you a cozy feel. The six booths are the most popular tables – so make sure to specifically request a booth when you make a reservation. The only thing I’d change about the interior was the the light, which felt a little bright.

I dined with my wife and another couple. The restaurant was at 100% occupancy at 7 p.m. Diners were mostly 50ish-year-olds that looked like regulars mixed with several late 40ish year old couples eating together and a few young couples that looked like anniversary or engagement diners.


My wife loves that I’m “that guy” who takes photos at restaurants

The bar is small and has three hightop chairs if you’re looking for a quick drink before dinner or a casual spot to dine. I grabbed a seasonal cocktail and while delicious, I wouldn’t describe Lumiere as the place to go for cocktails.


I’ve heard that the Lumiere waitstaff was outstanding and my experience proved this to be true. I’d put Lumiere up their with Beef ‘N Bottle and The Gallery for top service in Charlotte.

Oh, and I need more Amuse-bouches in my life.


The menu features sophisticated French cuisines and words that you will mispronounce.

Appetizers are about $15, small and tasty. I ordered the $15 roasted oysters with melted leeks, prosciutto and truffle sabayon. I could have eaten all four oysters, but felt guilty and shared with my party.


Salads run about $11 and entrees are around $30. You can also add side dishes for $7-$12. Portions are small, so don’t expect to stuff yourself.

The bread is not Kindred-level, but it’s still a nice addition to the experience.


Here’s the spread that our tabled ordered.


The most popular item on the menu is the Fricassee De Poulet (aka chicken) – poulet rouge chicken, foie gras and mushrooms ($28).

I’m a “I’ll take whatever is the most popular dish” type of guy, so I ordered the chicken. Delicious.


In addition to our entrees, our table also ordered a the Lobster Macaroni (aka lobster mac n cheese) with brioche, béchamel and cheese ($12).

Because of the small portions, I’m glad we made this side order that came recommended by our waitress.


Our table got aggressive with desserts. A+ on the plating.



Lumiere is easily a top 10 Charlotte restaurant and perfect for a intimate dinner with another couple or a romantic occasion.

Ask for a booth, order the oysters and the chicken – I mean the “Fricassee De Poulet.”

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