10 phrases that perfectly describe the #CLTHeatWave

10 phrases that perfectly describe the #CLTHeatWave
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Welcome to day four of the Charlotte heat wave or #CLTheatwave as we’re affectionately referring to it.

Unless you’ve been living inside a refrigerator (which would be weird), you’re aware that it’s hot in the Queen City. Like, record breaking hot. According to everyone’s favorite meteorologist Brad Panovich, we hit 99° on Tuesday, beating the 1994 record of 97°. Unless Nick Lachey is involved, I’ve got no use for anything above 98 degrees #amiright.

Let’s commiserate this suffocating week together as we present:

10 phrases that perfectly describe the #CLTHeatWave

(1) Walking out the door each morning feels like easing into a hot tub full of warm soup.

bunny in hot soup

(2) The one thing runners along Little Sugar Creek Greenway, ultimate Frisbee players in Freedom Park and anyone who goes to a lunchtime Knight’s game have in common.

steve martin sweat

(3) Opening your car door when it’s been baking in the sun is like stepping in front of a Charizard attack and just taking it.


(4) When you step outside, you start sweating like you’re in the 1 am dance floor crowd at Dandelion Market.

i do not feel sexy

(5) Trekking to the Premium Outlets from the only available parking feels like crossing the Sahara.


(6) You reminisce on #snOMG and swear never to take a snow (dusting) day for granted again.


(7) Your friend wants to go the rooftop pool at the Ashton, but you know only lava awaits. IT’S A HEATED POOL, FRIEND!


(8) Even when a breeze blows, it feels like you’re sitting in front of a hair dryer.


(9) You finally understand what your Memaw meant by, “Sweating like a sinner in church.” It feels like you’re carrying the sins of Patrick Cannon in your perspiration.

sweatin' like a sinner

(10) When people ask how you are, there’s only one response.


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