Speakeasy coming to Myers Park. Stefan Huebner to be face of the new concept.

Speakeasy coming to Myers Park. Stefan Huebner to be face of the new concept.
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Conrad Hunter, owner of Foxcroft Wine Co., will open a speakeasy in the Park Road Shopping Center Backlot and has partnered with Stefan Huebner (currently at Heist) to be the face of the speakeasy concept named Dot Dot Dot.


Entrance to Park Road Shopping Center’s new speakeasy – Dot Dot Dot


Current layout rendering for Dot Dot Dot

Stefan Huebner is a big deal. He’s now a partner at Dot Dot Dot.

Stefan has spent over 20 years in the Charlotte cocktail scene – including leading Heist and Cosmos. In that time, he’s developed a sterling reputation and a loyal following.

Owner Conrad Hunter told me, “Stefan’s expertise with cocktails and huge fan base is a big part of the business plan. I wouldn’t think of doing it without him.”

Over 550 liked the post and over 60 people left positive comments when Stefan announced that he’ll eventually move from Heist to Dot Dot Dot on his Facebook page with the message, “It might not look like much now but it’s going to change my life and hopefully many of yours. The future home of Dot Dot Dot …”

“Stefan is very knowledgeable and was a huge part in bringing elevated cocktails to the city,” Bob Peters from the Punch Room told me over the phone.”He’s also an all around great guy – and very funny.”

What’s appealing to Stefan about Dot Dot Dot?

The speakeasy will be known for its hospitality and cocktail program. Conrad told me, “We’re placing the booze first and foremost. My goal is to have the best selection of bourbon and single malt in the city.”

This focus on intimacy, hospitality and quality drew Stefan into the project because it’s difficult for him to be creative when he’s had to manage bar crowds of hundreds at Heist.

“I’m most excited to put a together a program together that will push the Charlotte cocktail scene. To educate our guests on the classics and introduce them to a very culinary driven bar program and lots of whiskey,” said Stefan. “I spent more than a quarter of a century honing my craft. I just want to show people what I’ve learned.”

What’s the status on the speakeasy construction?

Construction has begun and the target open date is March 2017. The entrance will be slightly hidden and only accessed from the Backlot – near the Blackhawk Garden Center.

Dot Dot Dot has been working on the design and layout for several months. Their architect will be tweaking the blueprints this month and they’ve been using Elizabeth Mydosh of EMC Design as a consultant to make sure it doesn’t turn into a “man cave.”

The overall look will be one of a Prohibition era speakeasy sans some of the hipster affectations.

“Bob Peters is doing some great work Uptown and Brian at Dogwood has a great bar but I wanted a place that I could feel comfortable hanging out at,” said Conrad.

The food menu is still evolving but it will consist of things that can be both shared and enjoyed without having to use silverware. “I’m working on the menu with my chef from Foxcroft Wine Co., Justin Solomon.”

Dot Dot Dot is targeting a March 2017 opening. Here’s a look at the space before major construction begins.





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