What do Northern transplants really think about Charlotte? 23 unedited responses

What do Northern transplants really think about Charlotte? 23 unedited responses
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What do these Northern transplants really think of Charlotte?

To find out, the Agenda team asked 23 northerners to divulge their deepest, darkest thoughts about Charlotte. Things they notice, things they find funny and things they would never say out loud. We promised it would be anonymous.

Here are their unfiltered responses:

(1) “The Panthers fan base is about 1/3 of what it was last year. You don’t see this many fair-weathered fans where I’m from. Maybe it’s because our teams are more established?”

(2) “My client just moved away because she said there’s a lot of ‘feeling like you have to keep up with the Joneses” here. Like you move in and they want to know what you do and what kind of car you drive and what school you send your kids to.”


(3) “Romare Bearden Park is gorgeous compared to the trash-filled city parks up north. Have you ever been to Philly’s Fairmount ‘Park?’ We’re lucky.”

bearded park bench

(4) “The girls are prettier here but they’re also dumber. (Based on a sample from internet dating sites.)”

(5) “None of you Charlotte residents actually use the phrase ‘Bless your heart’ so stop acting like you do on social media.”

(6) “I legit never had a door held open for me by a stranger until I moved here. Now when I go back home I expect other people to do it and get hit in the face with doors constantly.”

(7) “Saying that Poppy’s bagels taste just as good as the bagels up north is like saying that New Jersey chicken tastes just as good as Price’s Chicken Coop.”

(8) “Honestly, the best thing about Charlotte is Sabor Latin Street Grill.”

sabor special

(9) “Charlotte has no real identity beyond having the beige-est apartment buildings in the country.”

(10) “The areas where the young professionals hang out have a very noticeable lack of diversity. Where are all the black people?”

(11) “Hot take: I’m from New York and I think Benny’s pizza is better than what we have in my hometown.”

bennys pizza

(12) “I actually agree with Ted on something… people here use dogs as accessories.”

(13) “Why does everyone feel a need to wave to each other along the Rail Trail? I just want to go for a f****** walk without smiling and waving every four seconds.”

rail trail

(14) “People wear sleeves in the summer here which makes me think I’m the only one who sweats profusely.”

(15) “Everyone acts like there’s nothing to do in Charlotte when it rains on the weekend. Fun fact: Those bars you love with porches also have indoor seating.”

(16) “Charlotte is seriously lacking in fun brunch spots. Whenever I travel I always make sure to hit up brunch since it sucks down here.”

Tupelo Honey

(17) “Charlotte comes off as snobby because everyone goes to private school.”

(18) “Charlotte would be 100 times better if Lake Norman was 30 minutes closer.”

(19) “I will never move away from Charlotte for one reason: I will never be able to live in a two-bedroom apartment in a good location and pay $1,200 rent anywhere else.”


(21) “I love making fun of Charlotte for closing down from one inch of snow. But I secretly love when Charlotte closes down from one inch of snow.”

charlotte sunset

(22) “The Panthers tailgates are disappointingly tame. Even the Browns tailgate better.”

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