Agenda for Monday June 15

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Hello Monday.

I am vehemently anti-suburb. (Sorry, Ballantyne.) I believe in paying more to live in the middle of it all even if it means I live in (and with) a whole lot less. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with me or what, but I can’t find a single person who supports me in this urban stubbornness. Saturday morning I felt my madness peaking as I tried to talk my boyfriend into hearing me out on a half-million dollar two-bedroom house on The Plaza. First strike against me: I don’t have half a million dollars. Second strike against me: one bathroom.

Meanwhile, yesterday I went house hunting with my little sister and her fiance in Fort Mill where we looked out houses triple the size for half the price and it was alarming how quickly I shifted from “One bathroom would be fine” to “Oh yeah I mean six bedrooms are completely necessary; anything less is a deal breaker.”


Today’s Weather: 97. Partly cloudy, 30% chance of rain, 100% chance people take pictures of their dashboard thermometers.
Today’s Stat: $20,000. NC Senate’s proposed charitable contribution cap on itemized deductions.
Today’s Job: Social Media Graphic Designer at National Children’s Oral Health Foundation. Apply.
Today’s Charlottean: John Muth, Charlotte Area Transit System Interim CEO, for receiving the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s Governor’s Public Transportation Award for outstanding service in public transportation.


Little Sugar Creek Greenway Bike Bar Crawl: 6 miles, 4 stops, booze
I pieced together a greenway ride from Cordelia Park in Noda to Park Road Shopping center with patio stops at Birdsong Brewing, Vivace, The Summit Room and Rocksalt. I even threw in instructions for how to take the bus back when you’re a little too tired (or tipsy) to make it a roundtrip adventure.

How a Charlotte entrepreneur raised $11K+ on Kickstarter for a shower cap
Liz got the scoop on how L.T. Brady surpassed her fundraising goal by 750% to create a shower cap that actually works. The secret? Neoprene-trimmed PEVA, the same material used to make wet suits.

Charlotte Squawks is one big city-wide inside joke and everyone should get in on it
I attended my first Squawks performance Friday night. It’s like SNL, The Daily Show and a Comedy Central Roast all rolled into one and everyone should go immediately. My biggest complaint is that I can’t watch it again because it’s not online and I’m so GenY I believe everything should be online.

Wine, cakes, coffee and more! The Gallery M looks to add a little more culture and fun to South End.
South End is, in my opinion, screaming for more coffee options. The Gallery M will deliver just that plus a side of fancy cake, wine and fine art. Jason T. chats with owner Ana Antonio and takes us behind the scenes before they open later this month.

9 questions with Advertising Silver Medal Award Winner Lee James
Ted catches up with the President & CCO of Mythic about his first job, favorite campaign and advice for people trying to break into the advertising industry. Also his incredible hair. He’s a fan of Halcyon and Good Food and eats the exact same breakfast seven days a week.

Work Life of John Vasallo, Senior Coordinating Producer for ESPN
Gi gets John to spill on doing what you do better than anyone else, knowing what you really love and flying under the radar. “People in the North don’t know how great Charlotte is.”

Wine Bar Alert: Corkbuzz opens today in Southpark
This NYC-based wine bar and restaurant is run by one of the only 23 female master sommeliers in the country and will feature 40 wines by the glass, 200 wines by the bottle, regular wine education classes and “Champagne Campaign” deals on bubbly. Can’t wait.


NC attorney general threatens lawsuit against the Ritz-Carlton over its “black tax”. Despite public apologies from the hotel, the attorney general threatens to sue if the Ritz can’t adequately justify its controversial “CIAA service charge.”

Doorstep Delivery expands to Charlotte. The restaurant food delivery service has partnerships with 20 area restaurants and will deliver within a 9-mile radius of Southpark. We should absolutely arrange a burrito delivery race with Postmates.

Two baby peregrine falcons hatched on the 40th floor of One Wells Fargo have been tagged by scientists. The Observer reports the three-week-old pair are the first newly hatched falcons to be tagged in North Carolina in 20 years. You can watch the family live on the Wells Fargo Falcon Cam.

Have a hot week because it will be impossible not to, and cool down with this Arnold Palmer from Pike’s Soda Shop.

– Katie

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