The #1 burger in Charlotte

The #1 burger in Charlotte
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Move over Bad Daddy’s, I’ve found my new favorite burger in Charlotte – Bang Bang Burgers.

Bang Bang Burgers has been around for several years, but I’ve never been. I think it’s because it’s easy to overlook it – the restaurant is tucked away in a mediocre looking Elizabeth shopping center.


Last Saturday, I wanted to go to YAFO for lunch, but my wife wanted to try Bang Bang Burgers.

We went to Bang Bang Burgers.

I eat lunch at 11:15 a.m. because I’m an old man. Whatever. Judge me.

When we walked into Bang Bang Burgers I saw only one other family of five eating inside of the restaurant. I immediately thought about Monday morning quarterbacking my wife on her decision to come here.

Katie Levans had previous raved about their veggie burgers but I don’t trust Katie’s judgement ever since I heard her say, “Nick (her fiancee) ate one of those meat burgers when I went with him.” Anyone who needs to qualify burger by adding “meat” in front of it isn’t giving me dining advice.

I ordered the Bang Bang Burger because only idiots don’t order the menu item with the restaurant’s name on it. $9 single. Fries.

I then sat in a booth and snapped a few photos like a weirdo in case Katie continues to point out my lack of photography skills given our Agenda Instagram audience.


The Bang Bang Burger arrived.

The burger delighted me on sight.

I loved the fancy cutting board presentation. I loved the fact that Bang Bang didn’t overcompensate by creating a big massive patty (think Liberty). I loved the special sauce with the tiny spoon – I’m a big tiny spoon guy.


The burger was freaking delicious. Juicy. Fresh.

What’s the secret? Actually, it’s not a secret because it’s on their website, “The secret is the meat.” The burgers made from Black Angus short rib and chuck cuts of beef and buns are locally baked hand shaped bread delivered daily.

I asked the nice guy working the counter, “Will Bang Bang expand?” He responded, “I think so. We’re evaluating locations in University and Ballantyne.” Interesting.

The Bang Bang Burger is the #1 burger I’ve had in the city of Charlotte. Period. Hat tip to owner and head chef, Joe Huang.


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