On October 28, you can join the crowd of 1,000+ listening to these 16 speakers at TedxCharlotte

On October 28, you can join the crowd of 1,000+ listening to these 16 speakers at TedxCharlotte
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I’ve been to several TEDxCharlotte events over the years and I always end up leaving inspired. Yes, I know this sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

TEDxCharlotte 2016 will take place on October 28 at Dale F. Halton Theater at CPCC Central Campus (1206 Elizabeth Ave, Charlotte). The event has been held at the Music Factory the past few years, so this is a new setup.

Tickets cost $35 and as of right now, there are only around 60 tickets remaining. Over 1,000 attendees will be at the event.

Here’s the schedule:

  • 8:30 a.m. – Registration Begins. Coffee (Pure Intensions).
  • 10 a.m. – Talks Begin.
  • 12:30 p.m. – Lunch (Fran’s Filling Station)
  • 4 p.m. – Wrap-up. After Party at the Visulite begins directly after talks end.

Parking is free in designated areas and  lunch is included in your ticket.

Here’s the lineup of speakers and their topics:

Magician and mentalist

  • Talk Title: We each are unique and bring something to the fire…
  • Talk Headline: Your words and actions cause heat … weather you comfort or burn is in your control. Life and death are created on the tongue.

Jonell Logan
Independent curator, arts advocate, and founder of 300 Arts Project, LLC

  • Talk Title: Framework of Otherness
  • Talk Headline: The struggle of museums and other cultural centers to re-define our accepted definition of the Western world.

David Jessup
Founder and chief executive officer of Digi-Bridge

  • Talk Title: We can crack the code in Charlotte: computer science education equals opportunity
  • Talk Headline: All K-12 learners should have access to computer science education during the academic day

Michelle Icard
Author of “Middle School Makeover: Improving The Way You and Your Child Experience The Middle School Years” and creator of social leadership curriculum 

  • Talk Title: The Secret To Keeping Kids Safe
  • Talk Headline: The secret to keeping kids safe is keeping the less safe

Charles Hunt
Resilience expert, educator, motivational speaker and founder of The Audacity Firm, LLC

  • Talk Title: TBD

Anne Madden, Ph.D.
Alfred P. Sloan Microbiology of the Built Environment Postdoctoral Fellow at NC State University and the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Science at the University of Colorado

  • Talk Title: Discovering new beer flavors hiding in your backyard insects
  • Talk Headline: TBD

Lara Americo
Musician, songwriter and videographer

  • Talk Title: TBD
  • Talk Headline: What if for one day, there was no such thing as gender?

Lou Solomon
CEO, author and communications expert

  • Talk Title: The Surprising 5-Step Solution to the Impostor Syndrome
  • Talk Headline: Answer to the self-doubt experienced by successful people can help anyone build a stronger sense of self.

Ben Vandgrift
Problem solver and software engineer

  • Talk Title: Paths to Polymathy
  • Talk Headline: Learn to learn, by example

Cat Babbie
Craft collector, leather and fiber artist

  • Talk Title: Creatively Curious
  • Talk Headline: Everyone is creative, even you.

Laurie Smithwick
Founder of Make Club, a Grammy-nominated designer, creative director and founder of LEAP Design, Chief Creator at Spatty+Co and partner at the Alt Summit design conference

  • Talk Title: You ARE an Idea Person
  • Talk Headline: The Light Bulb Wasn’t Actually a Light Bulb

Scott Galloway
Award winning film and TV writer, director and producer; creator of the 100 Words Film Festival

  • Talk Title: More than 100 words on 100 words
  • Talk Headline: What began as gimmick, has become an empowering movement that democratizes film, connects art and community, and encourages and develops the most important aspect of filmmaking: writing.

James E. Ford
Program Director at the Public School Forum of North Carolina and the 2014-15 North Carolina Teacher of the Year

  • Talk Title: Education isn’t the only thing, it’s everything
  • Talk Headline: There is no one cure for the world’s problems, but education might be the next best thing. Pick a problem, any problem, I bet I can show you how education is a critical part of the solution.

Mark Moore
Co-founder of MANA Nutrition, one of the world’s leading suppliers of Ready to Use Therapeutic Food,(RUTF) the front line defense against severe acute malnutrition.

  • Talk Title: Stuffed and Starved – why the world is both and what we can do about it
  • Talk Headline: Half the world is stuffed and half the world is starved. Half the world is suffering from health issues related to over-nutrition and half the world with issues related to under-nutrition.

Eric Pickersgill
Photographer exploring the psychological and social effects that the cameras and their artifacts have on individuals and societies as a whole.

  • Talk Title: What connects us, removes us
  • Talk Headline: To bring us closer together, artist Eric Pickersgill removed the thing we thought was connecting us the most
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