Mailbag: Top 20 feedback letters on Facebook, bro-zillians, protests, FinTech and more

Mailbag: Top 20 feedback letters on Facebook, bro-zillians, protests, FinTech and more
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This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag, items readers submit via email or our feedback form (not social media, everybody already sees that). We get a ton of feedback — this is not close to everything (it’s about 5%), but it’s a good sample.


“…Must be at the wrong site…there is like “reporting” today. I miss my articles about socks and the top 13 mustards on South Blvd. I’m going to have to re-evaluate some things.” – A

In response to: Hey Charlotte, you don’t need to check in safe on Facebook.


“I checked in because my friend who got jumped by 6 protesters and had the s*** beat out of him was not able to check in “safe”. Maybe he will check in when he is getting reconstructive jaw surgery. Don’t be insensitive to the violence that was occurring outside of our front doors on Wednesday night.” – D

“Love love love this story. Like nomnomnom finger licking love the comments. The check in thing is effing ridiculous. Before commenting on that story, people should have to disclose whether they checked in or not, and their physical proximity to uptown. I guarantee every angry commenter checked in and lives somewhere around Carowinds. If I have to read one more overly-dramatic housewife check in as safe when she lives anywhere other than uptown I’m going to lose it. Things get hairy for you up in Denver on Thursday night, middle aged white lady living in a poorly constructed McMansion? You’re checking in as safe and ‘weeping for our city’ when you’ve lived next to horse barns in Weddington for 15 years and commute to an office building on Tyvola? It never ceases to amaze me why people feel the overwhelming need to connect themselves to tragic and/or dangerous events regardless of how close they are in proximity to the actual events. Great stuff the last couple days.” – J

“Exactly what I have been thinking. While I agree with you – the events in our city are very serious – these events are nothing compared to the severity of other situations going on around the world. All I keep thinking about is all the people in Aleppo and the refugees that have been fleeing their homes that have seen years of war. Events like that require FB safety check ins.” – C

“I have typically been a big fan of Katie’s writing and the Axios Charlotte. However, upon seeing this article I became angry for the following reasons: 1) In a time like this, why am I reading articles about whether you think I should or shouldn’t click on a Facebook button – how about using your platform to interview various members of the Charlotte community about their reactions, or the impact of the looting to the business owners, or anything related to the underlying cause of the check-in option? 2) According to Wikipedia, at least 15,000 people live in the Uptown area. That’s 15,000 people, myself included, who did not leave their apartments for the last two days because of the threat of violence, looting, mobs on ATVs, gunshots, rubber bullets, tear gas, etc. A large number of employers in Uptown asked that their employees stay home due to the danger, but for several THOUSAND of us, the danger was in our neighborhood. 3) I’m willing to bet that of those 15,000 people that live Uptown, and even in the surrounding areas where the potential danger was not imminent, are transplants. For me, one of the symptoms of living hundreds of miles away from any immediate family is that they’re not familiar with streets, neighborhoods, or even larger areas of Charlotte – they see that this is happening in Charlotte on the news, they want to know if I’m safe. I resent that you find it annoying or unnecessary for me to quickly and easily allow my family to know they do not have to worry, especially when that’s what the notification was made for. I understand that this event was smaller on the global scale than an earthquake or a major terrorist attack, and I don’t think anyone has tried to argue that, but undermining the reality of the situation for many of us whose home is Uptown Charlotte is infuriating.” – A

In response to: Viva Chicken’s new Park Road spot wraps construction and will open next month

“What is this bulls*** yellow sauce propaganda, Ted. Everyone knows that green is far superior, and red is a close second. Yellow is for cowards and blands. Don’t mislead the masses and ruin their Viva Chicken experience.” – R

In response to: Meet the woman who manscapes Charlotte

“That’s one small step for bros, one giant leap for bro-kind.” -A

“(a) Many of your male readers (e.g. me) don’t know what a Brozillian is. (b) Many of your male readers (e.g. me) don’t know how long a waxing lasts.” – P

In response to: For Charlotte, there is no easy way out

“I’ve been searching for words about the protests in Charlotte and your article struck a chord with me. Good for you for writing about the protests so honestly and thoughtfully and for addressing the issue head on. I grew up in Washington DC and was eight years old when Martin Luther King was assassinated. Once the news broke, there were huge and, for me, terrifying riots that destroyed blocks and blocks of 14th Street in the heart of DC. The National Guard arrived and a city-wide curfew was imposed. The experience and its aftermath left a huge impression on me.” – A

“After reading all the articles I possibly can (from Washington Post, CNN, Charlotte Observer, etc.), every day, yours is the best. It is so well written, and speaks directly to me. Thank you for putting into words so eloquently what many native Charlotteans are feeling right now. You’re doing great things, keep up the good work.” – L

“Your article is filled with great thought, empathy, and compassion. Thank you for managing to condemn the violence and harsh rhetoric, but not label the issues that face this community as invalid or illegitimate. That was a tough line to walk, and it is not always a popular opinion. I applaud you for having the courage and a keen ability to articulate. It is a refreshing perspective after seeing many online comments, made in haste, on other online mediums.” – G

In response to: Statement signed by over 200 Charlotte community leaders

“The statement signed by community leaders is nice, I guess, but I’m not really sure how it is going to help. If I had the opportunity to respond to them as a whole I would challenge them, as leaders, to help people like me find ways to make a difference. I’m perfectly willing to add my name to lists, online petitions, and check in to stuff on Facebook; honestly I would really like to do more, I just don’t know what to do. I don’t have the bandwidth to step up as a leader of these efforts, but I am more than willing to be a part of the team. I’m sure there are many more like me. Help us help Charlotte.” – H

In response to: Thinking about investing in your first bike? Here’s where to go and not be intimidated

“Samantha, legit cyclists do not shudder while looking at a mountain of Sabor nachos; we murder it and then order our main course.” – N

In response to: The Harris Y indoor pool reopens today

“Thank you Andrew for the update on the Harris Y pool, and thank you more for not writing about it in Ted’s style: I’m bullish on the new pool deck. The life guard stands are on point and not like anything else at a Y in Charlotte, which is a good thing. If you’re going, and you should, here’s what you need to know: it’s wet. Very wet. Has a real watery vibe that you’re going to like. Protip: wear a bathing suit. Bathing suits are like clothes but for water. You’re going to dig it.” – H

In response to: Speaker Tim Moore stopped by Triple C today and met with most of Charlotte’s brewers

“Was Speaker Tim Moore really wearing khaki parachute pants (see second pic in article)? Maybe you could hook him up with a Tabor session. Goodness gracious.” – S

In response to: Charlotte drink specials by day: Uptown Edition

“Terrific job on the uptown drink specials list. Very comprehensive; however, when will owners realize that $2 Bud Light isn’t a “special”? That swill should never cost more than two bucks.” – H

In response to: 2 things that have to change to make Charlotte a less risk-averse city

“I wish one of the banks would position themselves as a “FinTech” company already. It would be an easy argument to make; I think BofA has something like 200,000 employees, and more than half are in IT. In the startup community there is a lot of talk about branding CLT as a FinTech hub — like we have to become one — but I think we could send the message out that we already are one. If the bank did that, it would lend a lot of credibility to the FinTech positioning of CLT, which would attract more entrepreneurial talent (‘try your startup, and if it fails, the bank will gobble you up because the bank’s basically just a bigger FinTech company’)”. – T

In response to: Where are they not: lives taken too soon are more than hashtags

“I literally had to stop reading the article in Agenda this morning called “Where are they not” as I realized tears had started streaming down my face in MayoBird before a work meeting. Thank you for publishing this. It’s important.” – G

In response to: What’s in a name? 19 Charlotte names and the people behind them

“Just read Kylie Moore’s article ‘What’s in a name? 19 Charlotte names and the people behind them.’ I cannot believe you know nothing about the ‘Ardrey Kell’ name! My mother was an Ardrey. This was a very prominent family in the Lower Providence (now Ballantyne) area of Charlotte. My great grandfather Captain William E. Ardrey was chairman of the board of county commissioners of Mecklenburg County in 1874. In 1892 Captain Ardrey was appointed by President Cleveland superintendent of the United States assay office in Charlotte. The ‘Ardrey’ name is part of Charlotte’s history. So when you write in your article ‘Nobody really knows, actually’, you need to do some research before you make such a statement! As far as the ‘Kell’ name, Dr. Kell was a prominent doctor in Lower Providence with just as many attributes as Capt. Ardrey. As you can tell, you have really ruffled my feathers on this one! You need to write a story on these two prominent men in Charlotte’s history.” – R

In response to: Meet the guys behind 2U Laundry, your new favorite service

“Just wanted to say thanks for spotlighting the fabulous guys at 2ULaundry! I looked into using the monthly service a few months ago, and I was extremely impressed with the business model, communications responsiveness, and outstanding customer service. Dan has helped me out several times since then with last minute one off jobs while we have had washer issues, and he’s just the best. I love seeing them succeed and continue to wish them well!” – L

In response to: Should Myers Park Country Club merge with Carolina Golf Club? 

“I’m a member at CGC and can say that this merger will never happen. We are a golf club as you have even been quoted, and we are members here because of that reason. Social clubs, city clubs, and Country Clubs please, Golf that’s what CGC stands for.” – B

In response to Katie’s newsletter intro on September 17

“Perfect Day in Charlotte……

– Home brewed coffee in my rocking chair on my front porch in the beautiful and vibrant Dilworth.
– Eggs Benedict at Toast with my wife and daughter.
– My daughter then goes for an all-day play date…
– Wife and I go for a SouthPark visit to grab some new shoes and maybe a crispy new pair of pants…and shirt
– Casual, yet sweaty, bike ride through Freedom Park and onward down the Greenway to Park Rd Shopping Center, and then back the other way down to the Metropolitan. Head home from there.
– Shower (together) and go grab lunch at Blaze Pizza. Make my own with regular red sauce, mozz, pep, sausage, sautéed onions, mushrooms, and dash of sea salt. Wash it down with their refreshing cucumber, mint, blood orange, lime, pomegranate, etc. beverage.
– Drive around Charlotte listening to a random 90s rap mix from Mixcloud App and looking at all the beauty and excitement that is the city of Charlotte.
– Maybe a cruise through downtown (4th generation Charlotteans call it Downtown), Plaza, Noda, and then through our very own Dilworth drilling over the bungalows on Worthington.
– Because this is my day, I am then going to see a movie at Arboretum. Love this place now. Big wooden bowl of popcorn brought to me while I watch a new Apatow flick.
– Pick up my daughter from wherever the hell she is and spend the late afternoon/evening doing WHATEVER she wants. Her favorite is to create a magic potion ingredient list and then go gather the ingredients from wherever they may be. Examples: sludge from corner of lake in Freedom Park, crow feather, cicada wing, creek water, blade of grass from top of Hippy Hill, blood of a newborn… know, stuff like that.
– Then a very large Red Bull while getting ready to go out with my wife, listening to either Biggie or Beyoncé. Definitely wearing my brand new crispies.
– Babysitter comes and we go out to eat at…..hmmmmm…Sushi Guru? Baku? Bao Ding? I’m a sucker for the sweet and savory.
– Then to the Music Factory for a cool evening outdoor show at the Amphitheater. Maybe Phantogram? Maybe Band of Horses? Maybe even Fetty Wap???
– On the way home, we stop at Staggioni’s for some Zeppolis. Heaven.
– Lights out….no sleep…..then sleep.
– Boom ” – R

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