Grading 11 quirky things that only littleSpoon breakfast diners will understand

Grading 11 quirky things that only littleSpoon breakfast diners will understand
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littleSpoon, a breakfast and lunch restaurant in Myers Park, providers diners with a completely unique dining experience. Some good, some bad. It’s a refreshingly un-Charlotte restaurant.

This trendy hotspot continues to thrive and often gets discussed in the rankings for best brunch spot in Charlotte.

Here’s 11 things that make littleSpoon different with grades.

(1) No handles on the coffee cup.

Grade: A

You drink from the bowl. This a European thing. Makes me feel like a savage dog and I like it. It also gives people on Yelp something to talk about.

Oh, and I love that they’re serving Pure Intentions Coffee.


(2) Outside dining areas = great people watching.

Grade: B

Ton of runners, walkers and neighbors going by.


Agenda Pro Tip: Watch out for the sun. I recommend the tables on the side of the restaurant, not the tables on Selwyn. Unless you want to get a tan.


(3) Music is bumping.

Grade: C-

I feel like I’m in the club.


(4) Menu is pricey and changes often.

Grade: B

Monday – Friday has a different menu than the weekends. Items also change frequently. Eating at littleSpoon is unapologetically expensive.


(5) Donuts

Grade: A-

Delicious and the presentation screams for a Instagram photo. Warm and thick.


(6) BEC (bacon egg and cheese).

Grade: C+

The BEC, Hash and chicken biscuit are the most popular items on the menu. The BEC is overrated at $9. Bun is okay and the bacon just feels too fatty.


(7) Bacon

Grade: C

I’m not a fan of the littleSpoon bacon – the only thing it has going for it is that it’s night and day different than any other bacon in Charlotte.


(8) Hash

Grade: A

At $15, the Hash is expensive – but it’s freaking delicious. It’s what I recommend at littleSpoon.


(9) Ask for the Ketchup

Grade: A-

At first I was disappointed when I asked for ketchup and they brought out some fancy cup instead of a Heinz squeeze bottle. But then I tried it – outstanding. Felt like it was made for my hash and the ketchup made me feel sophisticated.


(10) Bloody Mary

Grade: n/a

I didn’t order a Bloody Mary because I needed a clear head to write this Pulitzer winning story for you, but these looked delicious. The waitress also told me that the mix was made in-house. I should have had one.


(11) Excellent restroom setup

Grade: A-

Let’s be honest, if you’re serving coffee in large bowls, it’s important to have a clean and available restroom. littleSpoon has two!


Overall Grade: B+

littleSpoon offers delicious food in a Los Angeles style atmosphere for those diners that want an experience that’s the opposite of places like Toast and Flying Biscuit. Go there and order the coffee, donuts and hash.


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