Obstacle course-like fitness concept Kinetic Heights will open next month

Obstacle course-like fitness concept Kinetic Heights will open next month
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A huge, 22,000-square-foot building in Providence Square Shopping Center is being renovated to become Charlotte’s first indoor, obstacle course-based fitness center.

The space that will house Kinetic Heights, with its 25-foot ceilings and skylights, is in the same strip mall as Charlotte Squash Club and Gleiberman’s Kosher Mart & Restaurant.


The idea behind Kinetic Heights looks a lot like the rope courses you used to participate in on field trips that were actually team and trust building exercises in disguise.

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Having intense flashbacks yet?

That theme carries into Kinetic Heights’ vision, said co-founder Steve Gruendel in a press release.


“Kinetic Heights was built on the value of sharing powerful experiences with others,” he stated. “Our team believes that challenge unlocks potential and that teamwork forges connections.”

The space’s ropes courses, both high and low, are enhanced by things like a warrior obstacle course, bouldering wall, zip lines and climbing elements.

And get ready to channel your inner Michael Scott and Andy Bernard (or not) when you participate in their parkour training program.

If you’re looking for a more intense, purposeful workout, the company offers three programs.

Instructors guide participants through the elements and focus more on experiential learning in K-Challenge while K-Fit and K-Flow step it up a notch.

In K-Fit and K-Flow, instructors track each individual’s performance and are able to give instant feedback thanks to technology from Polar Flow Training Software.

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Prices to participate in activities and monthly memberships haven’t been released yet, but Kickstarter-like prizes are being awarded for early backers of the space.

There are three levels of backing: Bronze Supporters, or those who give $50, receive two all-access passes and invitations to the soft opening. Silver Supporters ($75) will be awarded four all-access passes and soft opening invitations while a Gold Supporter ($100) will be given four all-access passes, soft opening invitations and a $100 party or outing voucher. See the rewards here.

Look for it to open to the public next month.

Here’s how it’s looking so far.


Connect with Kinetic Heights
5564 Independence Drive, Charlotte, NC 28270

Feature photo via Facebook

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