Ink N Ivy is coming very soon to Third Ward. Prepare to be amazed

Ink N Ivy is coming very soon to Third Ward. Prepare to be amazed
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Ink N Ivy on South Church Street plans to be a destination for all of Charlotte, no matter the occasion.

The restaurant plans to operate from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. Brunch, business lunch, family dinner and late night drinker, Ink N Ivy will be a place for all.

The space is so incredibly massive and there are well thought out zones throughout the space. There’s a clear cut dining area, drinking area, bar area — and oh, that patio.

You can be in there for a Panthers game and totally feel like you are in a sports bar, but at the same time be in there for a more upscale dinner and also feel right at home. Quite an accomplishment.

The space is a hodgepodge of décor that comes together to just work.

Think Amelie’s, where if you look at something as a stand-alone piece, it doesn’t look right, but together as a whole it works perfectly. Funky décor like dog statues upside down on the ceiling, tattoo art, a real motorcycle, plants, funky lighting and a ton of TVs all come together to create an atmosphere not seen anywhere else in Charlotte.

Before you see the images, I must note that when I was in there it was still a work in progress. Construction equipment was still everywhere, all the TVs weren’t up, final touches not put on in places, but this gives you a great idea what you are in for.













Before I get to the patio, let me touch on the menus.

While these aren’t final (they are from the Greenville location), they represent the general idea of what to expect. Cocktails are extremely approachable and creative. A vast majority of the beer will be local as well.

The food menus have a bit of something for everyone and again a very reasonable price point. The food will also be fresh local and if you notice each dish sounds familiar but it has its own unique twist.


Ink N Ivy Greenville’s Brunch menu


Ink N Ivy Greenville’s Lunch menu


Ink N Ivy Greenville’s Dinner menu



Ink N Ivy Greenville’s Dessert menu

Now…that patio.

What is easily the most visible and largest patio in the city center, this will easily be the most popular spot in town, weather permitting. It’s just huge. There is a fully equipped outdoor bar, tons of seating, perfect lighting and an insanely inviting atmosphere.

At night the patio lights up beautifully and I commented that it looks like an insect light (in a good way). You are just drawn to it. You want to go closer; you want to approach it (key difference being you don’t die when you get there).




One thing I will note is what this place will do for Third Ward.

I love Brevard Court. It’s my favorite place in the city, but it is on a bit of an island. Ink N Ivy is a pure destination and will help attract people to the area. Many think it will hurt Brevard Court, but I don’t at all. I think it will complement it and contribute to a fully functioning entertainment district Uptown.

For so long I have wished for another area for nightlife and eating outside 5th Street and the EpiCentre — and Ink N Ivy solidifies Third Ward’s position as the best in town.

Not only do you have a full service restaurant with extended hours, something Third Ward sorely lacked, you have another incredible nightlife spot to compliment all of Brevard Court. It is to note that I know people will say Brevard Court has done just fine all these years as a stand-alone, and while that’s true, Third Ward is on a whole new level these days.

Look for Ink N Ivy to really enhance the area by really offering something for everyone.

This is more of a preview, and we will have a deeper dive when they are fully ready to open.

Panthers season is obviously going to be insane here. But as a tease, you have a LOT to look forward to at Ink N Ivy, so stay tuned.

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