14 reasons why Strawberry Hill residents love Strawberry Hill

14 reasons why Strawberry Hill residents love Strawberry Hill
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Strawberry Hill, located in the fancy SouthPark/Foxcroft area on the corner of Providence and Fairview Road, is the best apartment complex for adulting in Charlotte. Period. Here’s why.

(1) Residents aren’t a bunch of millennials

Vibe is family friendly, adult and chill.


(2) Not 1, not 2, but 3 Pools

Main pool matches the coolness of South End’s millennial apartment pools. Oh, and it’s salt water. 


(3) 80’s signage provides an “It’s cool to be uncool” feel

Who doesn’t like signs that show their appreciation? Good for mental health.


(4) Adjacent shopping center has everything you need and nothing more

It’s okay to pound the free small coffee samples at The Fresh Market (about to get bigger and better).


(5) Aqua e Vino Ristorante flies under the radar but it’s arguably the most legit Italian restaurant in Charlotte

They don’t do takeout.


(6) Phil’s Deli for breakfast, Thai Orchid takeout for dinner

You may not even need to go to The Fresh Market (except for the free coffee samples).


(7) Everybody’s friendly, everybody’s got a dog and everybody’s walking the sidewalks.

83 acres. That’s a lot of acres.


(8) If you’re a cable cutter, welcome back to society because standard cable is included

HD too.


(9) Tennis court with lights

Never too crowded. And yes, that’s a lovely playground in the distance. #parenthood


(10) Cost is just enough, but not too much

$925/mo (1br/1ba) – $1,450/mo (3br/3.5ba). Offer 6-month, 9-month and 12-month leases that go month to month once up. 


(11) Strawberry Hill is 619 units, so you’re always meeting new residents.



(12) Unlike a house, if something is wrong – Marsh Properties is there to fix it.

You know your apartment complex has arrived when it’s got its own fleet of vehicles.


(13) Just in case you want to get all millennial, the community has Food Truck Nights.

Pork tacos from KO Food Truck.


(14) Every time you drive Uptown for work, you pass by Poppy’s Bagels.

Must stop. BEC w/ coffee combo and get the office a dozen bagels – dramatically increasing your office popularity.


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