Move over Caribou Coffee, there’s a new banker coffee hangout in town

Move over Caribou Coffee, there’s a new banker coffee hangout in town
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Bankers love coffee meetings, but for years their coffee options have been limited to bland coffee shops. Until now.

I hope Caribou Coffee has enjoyed owning the “Let’s meet for coffee” space because there’s a new sheriff in banker coffee meeting town.


Sure, maybe some people would venture to the Starbucks, but let’s get real – that space is way to cramped and pedestrian to talk serious bank talk. You really going to talk with your boss about the path from a band 5 to a band 4 in that Starbucks?! C’mon man.


Uptown coffee meeting bankers rejoice! Let me introduce you to Coco and the Director.

Goodbye Caribou, hello Coco.

Coco and the Director is everything you want in a coffee shop. Fancy coffee? Yes. Artisanal whatnot? Yes. Startup vibe? Yes. Free wi-fi? Yes. Luxurious seating? Yes. Inspirational quotes? Of course.

Seriously, it’s 7x cooler than the Caribou Coffee and 10x cooler than the Starbucks.


Here’s where to sit inside of Coco and the Director depending on what type of banking conversation you’re having

Conversation Topic: “I heard you bought an investment property in Plaza Midwood, how can I invest in residential real estate to create passive income?”
Area: Side Tables


Conversation Topic: “I’m in finance now, but I’m creative and would love to hear about the opportunities you have in communications.”
Area: Staircase


Conversation Topic: “I’m nervous about this interview, but I’m excited to learn more about the position.”
Area: Upper Level


Conversation Topic: “Team, let’s re-focus in Q4 and all get organized.”
Area: Community Space (amazing spot for a team meeting)



Banking friends don’t let banking friends use Caribou when Coco is right there.

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