Agenda for Tuesday June 9

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Hello Tuesday.

I lived in Rock Hill for a year before I moved to Charlotte and hated every second of it. I drove up to Charlotte every chance I got (daily, actually) and ignored anything happening south of the border. Turns out I was wrong and kind of missed some things. A lot of things.

Rock Hill wasn’t that bad when I was there and it’s grown even more in the three years since I left so I’ve compiled a starter list of 14 cool things to see, do and eat all within a 3-block radius downtown. Sorry about hating you, Rock Hill.


Today’s Weather: 88. Scattered showers and storms, 40% chance of rain.
Today’s Stat: 18,000. # of workers employed at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.
Today’s Job: Social Media Development Manager at NASCAR. Apply.
Today’s Charlottean: Pam Murray for building bike awareness, helping create Charlotte’s bike community and supporting cyclists’ rights with the Plaza Midwood Tuesday Night Ride


Does the Charlotte Streetcar sound like a smart investment?
Long time Charlotte resident Michael Pisarski is not down with the streetcar. In fact, he equates the city’s streetcar enthusiasm to “children in a candy store with our parents’ credit card.” Is it a smart investment or a shiny new expensive toy? Pisarski breaks down the streetcar cons.

Our excuses for not riding the bus are invalid: 6 counterpoints in favor of CATS
Do you ride the bus in Charlotte? I sure don’t. I want to be a regular bus rider (I really do) but I keep falling back on the same lame excuses we all seem to be using (expensive, inconvenient, etc.) so I did some research to debunk the myth and get my butt on the bus.

Taylor Swift was here.
Gi breaks down the 6.5-hour, $458 (for 3 people) experience enjoyed by some 15,000 fans last night… minus me. I can’t even read it. I’m too sad.

Taking your food experience to the next level: Meet Ash Events
Erin sits down with chefs Noam Bilitzer and Jon Heilman to learn about their pop-up food event and personal chef service Ash Events. The duo dishes on introducing a new concept to Charlotte’s culinary scene, cooking styles and basically spending more time together than most married couples.

Things to do in Charlotte besides drinking
Mary picked out six mom-approved activities that involve no drinking at all. I can’t help but notice that you could still add an optional adult beverage at each location should the spirit(s) move you.

Charles Williams’ beautiful struggle
Jonathan describes in hauntingly vivid detail the near-drowning experience as a child that drives a theme of overcoming fear in Charles Williams’ art today. 

Message on Wheels: Charlotte group goes mobile to promote religion, dispel misconceptions
The American Islamic Outreach Foundation is hitting the streets of Charlotte in a first of its kind “message on wheels” to combat Islamaphobia and answer questions about one of the world’s largest growing religions. Matt learns what they’re doing and why.


The Secret Chocolatier is applying for a $100K grant but needs our votes. CBJ reports the chocolate shop needs at least 250 votes from customers to be eligible to win one of 20 Chase Mission Main Street grants.

Amazon ranks us #11 for cities that read goodThe e-commerce giant unveiled its list of the top 20 Most Well-Read Cities in America (based on book sales) and we made the cut. Biggest seller in Charlotte? Gone Girl. (Great book, horrible movie.) Agenda Briefing.

I-77 Mobility Partners CEO Javier Tamargo finally spoke about the controversial forthcoming toll lanes. With financing secured for the project, Tamargo spoke with WFAE about the cost to drivers ($0.10 to $0.40 per mile based on traffic volume along the 27-mile stretch), expected profitability of the toll lanes (well, duh) and concerns about large trucks causing congestion in other lanes.

Have a great Tuesday, and may we all feel as cool as this dog.

– Katie

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