These are the dates parents of CMS students need to put on their calendars

These are the dates parents of CMS students need to put on their calendars
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For the parents of more than 146,000 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools students who will start class in just two weeks, the beginning of the year means it’s time to recalibrate schedules and pencil in the days school is out — 29 in total — for either teacher workdays or holidays/seasonal breaks.

Get ready to plan child care or have your kids home these days. If you participate in CMS’ After School Enrichment Program, care is provided most of these days (excluding holidays). There are also select sites that provide care during winter and spring breaks.

Here are the dates you’ll want to write in your planner or schedule into your devices:

Early Dismissal Days

These are back this year, and there are four of them. Reminder: This means school will be dismissed three hours early.


Dates: October 12, January 13, March 1, April 26.

Teacher Work Days

Not including work days lumped in with seasonal breaks (listed below), there are six of these throughout the year. Coincidence that one is Halloween, one is Election Day and another is President’s Day?

Dates: October 31, November 8, January 24, February 17, February 20, March 31


These are pretty self explanatory. You’ll also see the holidays associated with longer breaks below. These are the one-offs.

Dates: September 5 (Labor Day), October 3 (Rosh Hashanah), January 16 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day), May 29 (Memorial Day)

Thanksgiving Break

Time to get your turkey and shopping on.

Dates: November 23-25

Holiday Break

This one feels really weird this year because it’s spread out over three weeks instead of fitting nicely into two straight weeks off like last year.

Dates: December 22-January 3 (or nine weekdays total)

Spring Break

Easter is later this year (April 16) than normal, which also means a later spring break.

Dates: April 7-14

Last Day of School

Personally, I am just glad this is ending on a Friday and not Thursday like last year. No weird gap before summer camp starts.

Date: June 9

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