FIRST LOOK: 8.2.0 is bringing a massive and remarkable indoor experience to the Music Factory

FIRST LOOK: 8.2.0 is bringing a massive and remarkable indoor experience to the Music Factory
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VBGB at the AvidXChange Music Factory is the classic outdoor experience.

You’ve got volleyball, you’ve got a massive patio and biergarten, and dozens of beers on draught.


Owners Tom and Kara Taddeo have something almost entirely opposite up their sleeves with their new venue, 8.2.0, opening up right next door — and it’s incredible.

8.2.0 will be Charlotte’s classic indoor experience, with two main bars, karaoke, arcade games and some secret hangouts that only regulars will know about. And make sure you read this story until we get to the pizza, because it is remarkable.

Here’s how to find your way around.

You can start at the main bar. Draft cocktails are the main event.

Draft means preparation is quick. This is what you come here for. They’ll cost about $9.

There will also be some bottled beer and wine. But if you’re looking for the draught beer experience, go over to VBGB.

820 bar

820 bar 2

820 bar 3

Also look for boba cocktails.

If you don’t know what these are, think bubble tea or tapioca pearls. You suck the little things in through a massive straw and they explode in your mouth. These will cost about $11-$12.

Here’s the Green Tea Boba-rita.


Here’s Long Island Green Tea.


And don’t sleep on Berry Blue Balls.


Then check out the vintage arcade room.

The cool thing about this is it’s closed off from the rest of the bar. You’ll find some vintage pinball, along with Skee ball, Ms. Pac man, Galaga, NFL Blitz, The Simpsons, etc. Bring cash for the token machine.

820 game room 1

820 game room 2

Go sign up to sing some karaoke.

This room is also closed off from the rest of the bar. You can rent the VIP tables in the back and make this a private event. This is high-class stuff.

Kara said they’re partnering with actors and entertainers from all over Charlotte to make this more like a theatrical show.

820 karaoke

And there is a prop box, too, with wigs and glasses.

820 karaoke 2

If you can find it, check out The Library.

I won’t ruin the surprise of how to get in there. DM me on Twitter if you really must know before you go. But this place is awesome. Grab a bourbon, neat, and bring it in here.

820 library

There’s also a real vinyl record player in here, with plenty of records.

820 library 2

820 library 3

They’ll sell pizza by the slice — but cauliflower pizza is better.

820 pizza shop

The cauliflower pizza is sold as a personal pie for $7 and is made from a cauliflower dough. If I wasn’t told what was in it, I’d never have guessed. It’s incredible. I actually preferred it to the regular pizza.

Here’s the buffalo chicken cauliflower pizza.

820 pizza 1

And the salad pizza, with arugula, watermelon., almonds, pepper, asiago cheese and a champagne vinaigrette.

820 pizza 2

The rest of the pizza will be sold by the slice.

Including classic cheese, pepperoni, veggie and the Gigi (that’s what the picture is of).


The outdoor pizza window will be huge.

820 pizza shop 2

The pommes frites are incredible and you can pick from 20+ dips.

They’re more potato-forward and less fried tasting. Delicious.


Sauce flavor run the gamut and include Thai peanut, tzatziki, avocado Greek yogurt, chocolate Frostee and Sriracha grape jelly. You’ll pay $3 for 3 sauces. Get some friends and all get different kinds.

Here’s the Mexican ketchup.

820 sauce 1

And the Alabama White Barbecue.

820 sauce 2

And the S’more.

820 sauce 3

Here’s the full menu.

820 Menu Boards

There’s also some private event space.

More than 4,000 square feet total, but this can be broken up into three different spaces. Each will have a theme, and art on the walls: the New York room, Paris room and the lounge. I can tell already this will be perfect for wedding receptions. And I want to book my 30th birthday here.

820 event 1

There is a patio, but it’s not a main attraction.

It’s just enough space to catch your breath. If you want to chill outside, go next door to VBGB.

820 patio

8.2.0 will have its grand opening on August 20 (yes, that’s 8/20).

Get ready.

820 exterior

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