18 Charlotte leaders share their #firstsevenjobs

18 Charlotte leaders share their #firstsevenjobs
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We know where these leaders are now – but where did they start?

We asked executives, founders and innovators from different organizations around town to share their #firstsevenjobs.

David P. Barksdale


Job: CEO, Carolina Premier Bank

1 Ground cover maintenance (mowed yards)
2 Boy Scout summer camp counselor
3 Construction helper (errand boy)
4 Painter for craft shop
5 Credit card collector (NCNB)
6 Market research intern
7 Banking management trainee

Moira Quinn


Job: COO, SVP Communications at Charlotte Center City Partners

1 Bike shop front desk
2 Summer theater actor
3 TV studio cameraman
4 TV News photographer/ENG tech
5 PM Magazine host/producer
6 WBT host/producer
7 TV news reporter,/anchor


Bruce Clark


Job: Digital Inclusion Project Manager, Queens University of Charlotte

1 Jewel/Osco grocery bagger
2 movie theater usher
3 Domino’s pizza maker
4 office temp
5 deer season butcher shop help
6 bar manager
7 restaurant corporate trainer


Jenifer Daniels


Job: Co-founder & CEO, Colorstock

1 babysitter
sales clerk
dorm resident assistant
events planner
community relations associate
PR strategist/manager
adjunct faculty

Tom Hanchett

tom-hanchett-charlotte-agenda-speakerJob: Community Historian, History South

1 Delivered weekly Pennysaver newspaper
2 Helped with kids’ drama program on summer playground
3 Part-time book shelver/check-out desk attendant at college library
4 Photographed old neighborhoods for historic preservation agency
5 Historic research intern with Community Development agency
6 Year-long full-time internship with Utah State Historic Preservation Office
7 Part-time record store guy during grad school


Amy Herman

amy hermanJob: Owner of Vintage Charlotte

1 Stock Girl at a Gift Shop
Subway Sandwich Artist
Camp Counselor
Subway Sandwich Artist
Waitress at a sushi restaurant
Night receptionist at an Arts Center
Subway Sandwich Artist

Hyong Yi


Job: Assistant City Manager, City of Charlotte

1 Flea Market Stand Assistant
Mens Clothing Store Associate
Cutco Knife Salesman
American University Law Library Librarian
Intern – Institute for Public Policy Research (London)
Intern – U.S. General Accountability Office/Health, Education, Human Services Division
Intern – National Education Goals Panel


Jennifer Appleby


Job: President/Chief Creative Officer, Wray Ward

1 Babysitter
Steak N Shake waitress
Retail clothes store sales associate
Third shift college diner waitress
Finished artist at ad agency
Junior Art Director
7Art Director

Jason Rome


Job: Senior Engagement Manager, Skookum

1 Piano Accompanist for a Musical Camp
2 Waiter
3 Intern for an Energy Broker
4 Business Services Specialist
5 Information Security Analyst
6 Solution Architect
7 Product Strategist

Edwin B. Peacock III


Job: Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

1 Fuller Brush Salesman
2 UPS Driver’s Assistant
3 Car Wash Detailing Business
4 Intern, Commerical Building’s Security company
5 Mortgage Loan Originator
6 Financial Advisor
7 Elected Official- CLT City Council (part time position)


Amy Hawn Nelson


Job: Director, Institute for Social Capital, UNC Charlotte, Urban Institute

1 Cleaned bathrooms at my dad’s office. Our family owned a small business. Kids were the custodial service for many years. As the youngest of 4, I was given task of cleaning the bathrooms. Aren’t my siblings generous? I was paid $3, and spent all of it on candy each week.
Peer mediation trainer through a consulting firm called Peaceful Endeavors.
Summer counselor at Highland Renaissance Elementary. (1994)
Summer counselor at the Johnston YMCA. (1995)
Nanny (1996-1997)
Fraternity Court Maintenance Crew (college work study job). I was really good at fixing toilets. (Must have been my training from childhood).
Ice cream shop (first summer of college)


Jeff Jackson


Job: State Senator, North Carolina General Assembly
1 Blockbuster
2 Lab Technician (i.e., washing beakers)
3 Private – U.S. Army
4 Cadet – U.S. Army
5 Officer – U.S. Army
6 Assistant District Attorney
7 State Senator


Mary Newsom


Job: Associate Director, UNC Charlotte Urban Institute

1 Inventory at a hardware store
2 Babysitter
3 Restaurant server
4 Intern reporter/copy editor
5 Daily Tar Heel reporter/news editor
6 Reporter/copy editor
7 Assistant state editor


Tyler Ford


Job: Founder, Industry, Inc.

1 Newspaper Delivery – Allied News
2 Grocery Bagger – Bilo
3 Trained Killer – United States Marine Corps
4 Salesperson – Wendell August Forge
5 Store Manager – Music For a Song
6 Store Manager – Tommy Hilfiger Company Stores
7 Merchandise Coordinator – Tommy Hilfiger USA


Page Crawford Fehling


Job: Anchor, Good Day Charlotte on Fox 46

1 Babysitter
Hardware store cashier
Snack-bar cashier
Health Club kid’s room babysitter
Health Club front desk

Rob Cummings


Job: Co-Founder & Director, DealCloud Inc.

1 After-school sports coordinator
2 Lawn mower
3 Golf course clubhouse attendant
4 Amusement park fast food stand guy
5 Fryer cook
6 Waiter
7 Desktop publishing assistant

Corri Smith


Job: Owner, Black Wednesday Social Co.

1 Nanny/babysitter
Marketing/Administrative Assistant at Chautauqua Golf Course
Sales girl at The Body Shop
Bartender at Brio
Admissions Rep at Kaplan College
Director Marketing & PR at Heist Brewery
Marketing at NC Music Factory

Greg Jarrell


Job: Co-Director and Chief Door Answerer, QC Family Tree

1 File clerk
Youth minister
Saxophonist (Still have this one)
Substitute Teacher
Preschool gymnastics teacher
Community arts center staff

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