Agenda for Monday June 8

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Hello Monday.

Sometimes I think I want a dog and/or a baby (as if they’re interchangeable) but then I babysat my niece and fostered a puppy in the span of a week and now I’m just like, “No, thank you, please no.” 

I only had the puppy for about 12 hours before she continued on her journey and that was enough. We went to Birdsong Brewery because I think that’s what dog people do and I found it so un-relaxing we left after an hour. Bottom line: give me my quiet, lazy, completely autonomous cats or give me death.


Today’s Weather: 88. Scattered thunderstorms, 40% chance of rain.
Today’s Stat: 1. # of accidents on I-485 within hours of the final stretch opening on Friday.
Today’s Job: Social Media Manager at Belk. Apply.
Today’s Charlottean: Corey Mitchell, theatre teacher at Northwest School of the Arts, for winning the first ever Tony Award for Excellence in Theatre Education. Agenda Briefing.


Days Gone By: The late, great Eastland Mall
Jason revisits the glory days of what is now known as “a hole in the heart of of East Charlotte.” Eastland wasn’t just a mall; from 1975 to 1990 it was the mall. It was gone way before I moved here but this piece makes me nostalgic all the same.

Take a tour of Charlotte Airbnb rentals by neighborhood
Ever wonder if your neighbor is renting out their place to total strangers? I took a digital tour through rentals in eight different neighborhoods and found the cheapest, most expensive and the host most likely to get arrested. Is it your neighbor?

2015 summer reading list from some of Charlotte’s English teachers
Clay and six of her fellow English teacher friends weigh in on their all-time favorite books and what we should be reading this summer. All I can say is we’re gonna need a longer summer.

Classic gamers rejoice. Inside scoop from Abari owner Zach Pulliam.
Charlotte’s first barcade will pair classic childhood arcade games with a full-service bar. Kate’s got the scoop on the games, prices, adult beverages and projected opening timeline.

Breaking News: Jazzercise still exists
Mary, who hates exercise classes and describes her dancing skills as those of a gorilla, attends a Jazzercise class. Awkward hopping up and down and hilarity ensue.

Chef Vanessa Smith sometimes eats popcorn and chocolate for dinner
Gi takes us on a five-day meal-by-meal tour of what chef and food blogger Vanessa Smith eats behind the scenes when she’s not cooking for other people. I’ll have what she’s having.  

The story behind Daniel McCall’s tattoo
Here’s what happens when a graphic designer / yoga teacher gets a tattoo: sacred geometry, lots of color, Native American tradition, watercolor and “nothing like traditional tattoos.”


Cowfish temporarily closed Saturday after reports of flu-like symptoms from employees and customers. The Observer reports the “precautionary and voluntary step” was announced on Facebook after employees and patrons fell ill. The restaurant reopened Sunday without incident after a positive review from the Mecklenburg health department.

Anthropologie is coming to Atherton Mill and people are going nuts. CBJ reports the 8,700-square-foot store will open next to Luna’s Living Kitchen this fall. Agenda Instagram followers report they are FREAKING THRILLED.

Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover hair was styled by a former Charlotte resident. The Observer reports globally recognized stylist Oribe Canales moved from Cuba to Charlotte in 1962. “I consider myself from Charlotte and I’m very proud of that,” he said.

Your navigation probably doesn’t understand that I-485 is complete now. TWC reports that Tom Tom (who uses Tom Tom?), Garmin and Google Maps have no idea I-485 is finished and this could cause accidents. Update your GPS of choice to ensure it’s up to speed on our latest construction milestone.

Go completely Jessica’s Daily Affirmation on this week. You can do anything good.

– Katie

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