Charlotte cocktails are getting sweetened up with Hudson & Lee’s honey simple syrup

Charlotte cocktails are getting sweetened up with Hudson & Lee’s honey simple syrup
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I’m all about a sweet cocktail. In fact, I’m extremely guilty of loving “girly cocktails.” But sometimes, all that sugar makes me feel less than stellar.

That’s why I’m fascinated by Hudson & Lee’s honey simple syrup.

This no-preservative, no-gluten, no-artificial-anything creation is definitely changing the cocktail and sweet drink game.

Hudson & Lee simple syrup

Photo courtesy of Hudson & Lee

Greta McCoy of Mooresville has been perfecting her recipe for two years, and it’s now available at places like Rhino Market, 7th Street Public Market, Atherton Mills, and online.

“We would have friends over for drinks, and they’d ask, what is in this? Why does it taste a little different?” said Greta. “So I’d tell them exactly how to make the honey syrup. One day it just clicked. Maybe I can just make this and it can be in the grocery stores. I looked online to see if anyone is making this, and nobody is making this honey simple syrup.”


“It was a TON of trial and error,” she said, and after working with food scientists at UNC to find a way to keep it preservative-free, she discovered a solution that allows the honey simple syrup to sit safely for up to two years.

Hudson & Lee cocktail ingredients

Photo courtesy of Hudson & Lee

Hudson & Lee, named from her sons’ middle names, officially launched in May 2016. Greta works from home while the honey simple syrup is created and bottled in Raleigh. The finished product is then shipped to Mooresville, where Greta then sends it to online buyers or hand-delivers it to local vendors.

“People really love the label, that’s what they see first,” she said. Her sister designed the logo. “And when they try it, they love it.”

This natural, shelf-stable substitute for sugar, honey, or regular simple syrup is sold in 8 oz. bottles for $12.95 – $13.95, depending on location. She hopes to have 16 oz. bottles available by early 2017 so bartenders can pick up the ingredient.

For non-alcoholic beverage fans, the honey simple syrup works wonders in iced tea and lemonade.

For cocktail lovers, impress your guests with one (or several) of Greta and her husband’s recipes, available on Hudson & Lee’s website.

Hudson & Lee recipes

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Cover image courtesy of Hudson & Lee

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