7 reasons to rediscover Healthy Home Market in Plaza Midwood

7 reasons to rediscover Healthy Home Market in Plaza Midwood
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(Note: This content was co-created with Healthy Home Market.)

(1) It’s right under your nose.

Healthy Home Market is kind of tucked away off Central, next to Bistro la Bon, Yama, and Family Dollar (random), which makes it all the more refreshing when you walk into this vibrant aisle:

HHM produce

When you hear “healthy” and “market” you might just think of produce, but the store has such a diverse range of items that it’s just as fun to browse as it is to actually consume what you buy, like…

(2) An abundance of bulk bin items.

  • Wasabi peanuts: a crunchy, healthy snack for the person that wants a little spice in their life


  • A plethora of salt options: something like this pink Himalayan salt increases hydration, prevents muscle cramping, aids in proper metabolism functioning, strengthens bones and lowers blood pressure, according to www.collective-evolution.com.


  • Other items: candies, grains, chocolates and spices.

(3) A well-stocked beer cave full of local brews.

  • HHM is all about the healthy lifestyle, and no one can deny that relaxation is a big part of that. This utopia is located in a cozy nook in the back of the store:

hhm beer cave

(4) Mid-week massage, anyone?

  • On Wednesdays from 2-5 p.m., visit the resident masseuse, Barbara. I received a quick back rub and felt relaxed and focused. It was fabulous. Make sure to drop by and receive one of her legendary massages for $1/minute (10-minute minimum).
HHM masseuse

(5) A cool patio.

  • We can’t get enough of the HHM patio. It’s comfy and centrally located – don’t miss the next Healthy Home Market patio party, so you can see what all the raving is about. They usually feature live music, grilled out food, drinks and games.


(6) Healthy, delicious, and sometimes weird snacks.

  • This is a pretty obvious category, but we had never seen any of these snacks before stepping foot in HHM. Below are two stellar chip substitutes:
    • Brussel Bytes in Tamarind Apple
    • Boom Chicka Puff in White Cheddar (aka low-calorie Cheetos that taste less processed)


  • Abby’s Better Nut Butter: a locally sourced peanut butter alternative that is made out of an array of foods, like honey almond, strawberry cashew and date pecan.
  • Upton’s Naturals Chili Lime Carnitas, Jackfruit: this is seasoned Jackfruit with a bit of a kick. Delicious as a meat substitute.


(7) Gluten-free galore.

  • For those that prefer or need gluten-free items, Healthy Home Market is looking out for you. They have everything from gluten-free brownie mix to giant bags of gluten-free pancake mix, plus plenty of stand-alone ingredients for savvy bakers.

HHM gluten free

Needless to say, Healthy Home Market has an insane amount of cool foods that are not in your everyday grocery store. Even better? They also have locations in Davidson and Matthews (Galleria).

Stop by the Plaza Midwood location to try a new snack, grab some ready-made dinner, or enjoy a fresh smoothie out on the patio.

(Note: This content was co-created with Healthy Home Market.)

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